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In order to solve our research problem, we used a descriptive research design with two types of sample surveys that estimated the strength of competition, what attributes students value most in a haircut, and the potential effect of promotional tools on demand. The answers to our experiment will ultimately give us a general idea of how promotional tools will affect the demand of our target market, what our target market wants, and an overall sense of competition intensity.
The first questionnaire we designed was a ratio scale. The first question on our ratio scale questionnaire asks respondents to divide one hundred points among the potential Pittsburgh competitors of Profiles Styling ...view middle of the document...

We chose for the first of our two questionnaires to be a ratio scale because it gives a zero starting point so that we can make measurements based on the responses we collect. After collecting the responses to all three ratio scale questions we can use the mean to determine the average number of points allotted to each competitor and the average percentage for each salon service. We can also find the mode to determine the most important attribute of salon experience.
The purpose of our second survey is to gauge students’ attitudes towards distinctive promotional tools. We used an interval format because there is no absolute zero when measuring attitudes. If Profiles does decide to move into Oakland, it is recommended that the firm use promotional materials that would positively affect the attitudes of students to avoid wasting resources on promotional tools that resulted in inadequate effects. We chose the questions because they can measure students’ attitudes on a scaled basis. The scale ranges from one to seven, one being the lowest value and seven being the highest value. This range was chosen because it is the standard scale...

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