Marketing Research Review Discuss The Relationship Between Marketing Research And Marketing Strategy And Tactics.

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In Taiwan, the Chinese have a tradition on the first day of the seventh lunar month, or what's call Ghost Month. This is when the gates of hell open wide and the spirits are allowed a month of feasting and revelry in the world of the living . The Eastern societies try to appease the dead, rather than trying to reject the dead, by inviting the ghost into the world of the living. The Taiwanese prepare for their ghostly guest by setting up elaborate banquet types of feast; Hosting several Operas, Parades, and other Ceremonial events. During the month long celebrations the Taiwanese prepares special meals in honor of Ghost Month. They believe that the more lavish of offering the food is the happier the ghost will be and less likely to bring bad luck to the family.Within the paper towel market, 72 percent to 92 percent of consumers' households in western countries currently use paper towel products. Most every household consumer would rather spend the money on a paper product than suffer the bacterial dangers carried by cloths, including salmonella.The one market segment that was not using paper towels was in the Taiwan market. In the case in point article, Kimberly-Clark reported that it had only 42 percent of the people using paper towels. Most of the people still used the common rag or cloth. In order to capture more of the market, Kimberly-Clark hired a marketing communication team from Golin/Harris Taiwan to create a new design for the paper towels and to create a new media campaign.It was up to this communication team to recognize who the specific groups of customers were and the purchase behaviors or identifying characteristics that they could find to boost the sales of paper towels within Taiwan. Kimberly-Clark and the communication team recognized that it needed to come up with a creative market segmentation strategy that could afford the business a competitive advantage over competition. It was important to identify the underserved niche and provide the right product into the market that would lead them into a profitable increase in business. The goal was to understand the customers' needs and develop a strategy to Attract, Satisfy, and Retain the target customer.The Communication group began to research what they could do to attract the consumer to purchase paper towels. How could the use of paper towels be satisfying to the consumer in Taiwan? From the research they found out that the Taiwanese people had this month long celebration called "Ghost Month". It was from this discovery that the decided to look at marketing the paper towels as an additional item that could be used for the banquet...

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708 words - 3 pages instead of cash to make payments. Based on research, 10 million credit cards had been issued, with only 30 percent of card holder able to meet the monthly repayment (New Strains Times, November 14, 2011). In additionally, Citibank was lacked of Targeting market, Marketing strategy and .The way to solve Citibank problems is reinforcing their target marketing by looking to the people who will mostly need or want to buy the product and services from

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