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1. Introduction

In the following paper several aspects of marketing and society will be analyzed and examined. Furthermore observations and social phenomena of the recent years will be presented and put in to context with theories that have been covered in class. The main theory, this paper will cover is the concept of MCDN that was mainly formulated by George Ritzer.
He observed some tendencies in the behavior of people and markets and found similarities of this development to the concept behind the American fast food chain McDonalds.
Furthermore developments like globalization, Green Marketing and the influence of modern technologies will be examined.
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Predictability describes the concept of standardized workflows and outputs that would result in some kind of uniformity of products and tasks. For customers this ensures that there are no surprises since they know what they are getting and from an organization perspective, this leads to the establishment of routine and receptive tasks that are predictable and makes the human input exchangeable.
Control is referring to the gained control of the above mentioned factors, finding its origin in the standardization and thereby also the replacement of non-human technologies.

The above mentioned concept finds many examples in our day to day life. Through the establishment of modern technologies and computing power, it can be observed that our day to day life is increasingly measured in standardized scales. The output of workers, the customer lifetime value, the time that is used for a specific task. All these underlay a single basic scale, the time. This variable is also one basic component of the social acceleration theory. It states that our life is underlying an increasing pace, Rosa finds the cause of this phenomena in several developments. For example the innovation of travel minimizes the time to move people and goods around the globe. This is broadening the horizon and moves people closer together. Despite this has a lot of positive consequences it also changes the dynamics of our social structure. Furthermore computers and the internet further decreased the time information travels and also substitutes repetitive tasks that used to be carried out by humans. Hence in the further analysis we will examine whether time can function as a distinct factor of social structures.

Globalization is a broadly used word and concept that names the process of cross border integration and the interchange of cultural aspects, ideas and products (source). The above mentioned changes in the speed of our social actions is clearly a basic element that made globalization possible. Globalization might result in a greater variety, but at the same time also increases the international interdependence in an economic and cultural point of view(source). It is hard to say if we live in a globalized world or not, it has to be seen as a gradual transition our world is undergoing. We are in state in which there is a clear tendency towards a globalized world mixed with local specialties. This observation aligned with the concept of glocalization and grobalization that have been introduced in class. These phenomena are outcomes of the mixture of international influence with the local specialities. There are several different scenarios how single products, social factors or services and attitudes are affected by this demanding to judge this on basis of a micro rather than a macro perspective. Although the term globalization seems to hint towards a global trend there are country specific differences and several neighboring tracks. For example the globalization between two western...

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