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Marketing Strategies Essay

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Marketing Strategies
Business success in the market relies on its founding platform, the marketing plan. This is a strategic penetration into a new or existing market. This is important because of the various legal, environmental and structural requirements set for new and existing businesses. However, with a broad business marketing knowledge, there are many paths to success at disposal. The Exceptional Learning Academy and Therapy Services’ marketing plan comprehensively covers the domestic and global product branding strategy, pricing strategy, distribution channel analysis and a detailed evaluation of the prior strategies for optimization of operations. The domestic and global product branding looks at the business logo. The business will have a logo that sums up its basic services and promotes the business as well. Notably, the business as a brand is not just the logo, but is the image of its relationship with consumers and employees. The company plans to embark on quality service delivery to the customers and a professional working environment for the business’ staff. This creates an open and warm working environment and in turn builds the business brand name. This will build the business logo as the global business brand.
The Exceptional Learning Academy and Therapy Services Company plans of pricing its services on a cost basis analysis. This means that different services will have different prices depending on their technicality and machinery involved in offering them. The pricing strategy will also depend on the demand and supply forces in the industry and the legal requirements in the state. These strategies will give the general pricing of services such as Behavior Therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Developmental Pediatrics, and Newborn Screening with Inborn Errors Metabolism Teams. Using the cost-plus pricing strategy, the Exceptional Learning Academy and Therapy Services Company, will have two pricing divisions. These are the infants to pre-kindergarten and the school age section, from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The optimal price for the infant section will be $ 4,250 per month for both clinical and other services like food and transportation while for the school age section will be $ 4000. This will be the charge for parents who wish their children to have transport and catering services. For parents who opt not to take the full service package, there will be one with either less the food cost ($ 500) or transportation cost ($ 650) or both.
The package prices being standard and consumer friendly benefit the business because it will maintain customer loyalty. This means that it will attract more customers because of the quality of service at the fairest price as compared to the business competitors. The pricing strategy is also from an analysis of service demand, cost calculation, environmental factors and company profit objectives. This is from having a...

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