Marketing Strategy For A New Company

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Marketing Strategy for a New Company


I am making a marketing strategy for a non-existing Service. The
service is going to be unique and very broad in the region of car
services such as garages, repair and modifying services, selling cars
and parts, and even entertainment including car shows and racing once
or if the company expands. The service will also include a bar or
social room.

The service that will use the marketing strategy will be situated in
Northampton; Northampton is situated in the centre of England and has
been expanded rapidly into a city. The place in Northampton will be
six fields because it has large room and has a main road through it,
it also had buses going to and from it.

I am going to use research on other similar existing services to get
ideas and recognise competition. I have chosen a business in cars
because it is a popular product and is quite stable. I also found a
growing trend in Car modifications and a gap in the market; especially
in the Northamptonshire area where my service is going to exist. The
company will be focused most in the modification market since this is
where a gap is.

The service will be for people in the market aged 18 + since it covers
a very wide range of car services but will mainly be aimed at 18-35
males since the characteristic of modification is more popular at a
younger age range of males.

The prices for my service will be at a price above average than what
the market is currently and areas where there is demand and a gap will
be even higher. This is because in the area where my service will
exist there is no other big/ popular service that specialise in
modifications and therefore the company can charge a higher price. A
higher price could also make more money that can go into the quality
and appearance of the centre; this will make it look better quality

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