Marketing & Strategy Of A Start Up Business

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Executive Summary
This business proposal discussed whether opening a snack bar based on campus will be a
success or not. The female students were identified as target group at first after a series of
market research. An in depth SWOT provides a general analysis of major internal and
external factors for the business to succeed in the long run; Key external factors include
seasonal sales, rivalry competitions, social trends; The main internal factors consist of
nutritional value, multi- flavors, low-price; And 4Ps model is used as a tool for strategic
planning by combing the core factors in the SWOT matrix to formulate strategy. The snack
bar's pricing strategy is to sell high-qualified frozen-yogurt and fresh smoothies at reasonable
price by applying self-serve concept. Besides, due to the seasonal issues, the products offered
will be some slight changes in winter and the location of the store will be chosen at
Sportspark to ensure the sales in summer peak season. However, the geographical location of
the snack bar results in the expansion of target customer group, from female students to the
people who have the demands for deliciously guilt-free treats. Combined with the overall
financial analysis, it is estimated that the annual profit is up to £100,000 a year.
A study (Brad. C, 2011) shows the eating habits of college students are far from healthy. High
frequency of skipping meals has become the main cause of lower fiber intake. The study
pointed out that college students these days don't have proper amount of fruits and vegetables;
and sometimes they even don't have one serving per day, way below the recommended five
daily servings. Moreover, both male and female students were consuming more than 30
percent of calories from fat. Looking at the eating environment on UEA campus, I found out
the snacks and lunch meals offered in convenience store are neither healthy nor delicious.
Although the campus kitchen is trying to provide the nutrition-balanced meal, the price is not
too friendly (usually cost £3.5-5).
In addition, it is also found out that yogurt, which is thought of as a healthy food by a lot of
people, is not healthy at all. The truth is that many of the most popular yogurt brands have

more sugar than a junk food (Katrin. S, 2007). A lot of so-called low fat yogurt sometimes is
just a marketing gimmick and is often high in sugar. In order to make yogurt more palatable,
nearly all big brands such as Yoplait and Dannon will put fruity-syrup into plain yogurt and
sneakily reveal how much of that added sugar. "For example, the average fruit-flavored
yogurt can contain close to 32 grams of sugar per 6-ounce serving." (Gurdal. T). Moreover,
apart from yogurt, a lot of artificial sweetness is also used in bottled juice. Take the
co-operative pure juice sold in the convenience store for example, it contains to be pure juice,
however "it contains just as much calories and sugar as sugary soft drinks and sometimes,

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