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The Marketing Strategies Manchester City Used in Expanding Chinese Market
Zhirui Cai
Goldey-Beacom College
This paper will discuss the marketing strategies Manchester City Football Club, a soccer club in Manchester, UK, used in expanding their Chinese market. After taken by city group which owns several sports clubs all over the world, the club is targeting overseas market and has been working with various companies and personal trying to gain new fans all over the world. This paper will focus on their effort on Chinese market and will analyze their strategies with marketing concepts in books and with the personal viewpoint of the author.
The Marketing Strategies Manchester City Used in Expanding Chinese Market
Summary of Issue
Manchester City Football Club, a soccer club in Manchester, UK, was taken over by The Abu Dhabi United Group in 2008, and is currently administrated by The City Football Group (CFG), the sub-company of The Abu Dhabi United Group.(Wiki, 2018) The City Football Group has ownership of clubs all over the world, including United States, Australia, Japan, Spain, and Uruguay.(Wiki, 2018) Based on the strong backup and global resources, Manchester City Football Club is able to expand their market globally. Taken Chinese market as an example, in order to expand their market and fans in China, Manchester City has their office in China and also Chinese staff in their Manchester office. Their Chinese based social media, such as Weibo and Weixin are highly active and respond actively with Chinese news and fans to build up a socially responsible character in Chinese. With their UK office. Their Chinese staffs help them to design shows and videos especially for China, such as players learning Chinese and tasting Chinese food. Besides media marketing, Manchester City is also making all the effort in marketing their brands in China. Their tourism trade event and specially designed brochures for Chinese market has brought them a 15% increase in visitors from China and £25,000 worth of new business for the 2015-2016 season(andiamo, 2018). They are also working with Chinese company Zhong An Holdings, which is a leading brand name within the rapidly developing domestic sports market in China, and sold their shares of the City Football Group to China Media Capital in order to gain more support in their market expansion.(Pollard, 2016) In addition, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is known by soccer fans in his support to Chinese soccer development, visited Manchester City stadium for a tour during his visit to UK in 2015 despite being a Manchester United fan....

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