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Marketing Strategy Of Micromax Essay

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16Micromax MobileMarketing StrategyC on t e n tsIntroduction ...................................................................................................................................Situation Analysis ..........................................................................................................................Marketing Strategy............................................................................................................................Summary, Conclusion, Recommendations .........................................................................................BibliographyIntroductionMicromax has entered into handset market in 2008 and within 3 years it has become the third largest handset manufacturer in India. In this period, it has focused mainly on rural market and has become a leader in the same. Now it wants to expand its presence within India and then on international level. This plan incorporates innovative strategies that will utilize opportunities and address weaknesses as outlined in the Situation Analysis.The plan addresses following marketing challenges:§ To position in the mind of customers as their preferred brand§ To concentrate more on potential urban and youth market§ To make a global presence in the marketS i t u a ti o n A nal y s i sAnalyzing current situation through 4C framework:C u sto m e rsCurrently Micromax is dominating the rural market. Initially the marketing strategy of Micromax was to target rural market. They are basically catering to the need of the customers of the rural area.For example the first mobile Micromax introduced in rural area was having the battery backup of 30 days which was catering to the need of the rural market of inconsistent power availability.C o m p et i to rsMicromax knows that there are many established brands in Mobile Phones' industry like Nokia, Samsung, LG and several other local as well as Chinese manufacturers . Some major competitors and their strategy and strengths are identified as below:§ NO K I A - Nokia is the leader in the mobile phone industry in India (38% market share).It is dominating the Indian market from years. Recently it is facing problems to retain its growth and sales. But the pioneer is working hard to get out of this. For the same reason Nokia is going to use operating system of software biggie Microsoft. So it is expected that Nokia will try to regain its lost market share.§ S A M S U N G - Samsung has emerged as a very healthy and prominent competitor in the market. Samsung is backed with the high quality and professional team in the R&D area. Innovative products specially smart phones and Galaxy series from Samsung are ruling in the market. So it is expected that with the increasing demand of mobile phones Samsung will try to retain and increase its market share.§ A P P L E - Apple is one of the most major competitors in this industry. Slick, stylish and innovative phones of Apple are driving...

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