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MARKETING STRATEGYTABLE OF CONTENTSTABLE OF CONTENTS 2EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3CURRENT MARKET SITUATION 4Current Product Mix 4Situational Analysis 6Greek Dairy Market 6Macro environmental Factors Analysis 7PERFORMANCE REVIEW 8Geographic Distribution 8Competitive and Industry Analysis 10KEY ISSUES 12SWOT Analysis 12MARKETING OBJECTIVES 16Target Market Objectives 16MARKETING STRATEGY 17Marketing Mix 17Product 17Pricing 17Promotion 18Place/Distribution Channels 20PROJECTED PROFIT AND LOSS ANALYSIS 21CONTROLS 22Implementation 22CONTINGENCY PLANNING 24BIBLIOGRAPHY 25REFERENCES 25EXECUTIVE SUMMARYContemplating Nestlé's situation as a strong player in the children's dairy products industry, the principle aim of this marketing plan is to promote products under the Vlachas brand: reinforce market perception of Nestlé products, expand total market, protect current market share, and gain additional share. (Kotler P. & Armstrong G., 2001)The Vlachas brand shows great interest for marketing analysis due to its most recent acquisition by Nestlé in mid October 2005.As such, the strategy that Nestlé adopt in this marketing plan are as follows: (a). Keeping local brands that suit Greek taste in order to retain Greek elements of tradition. (b). Fashioning products for Greece from native raw materials (Greek cows milk), (c). Promote its image brand as concern to the health and taste.CURRENT MARKET SITUATIONCurrent Product MixNestlé selected the Vlachas brand to complete the company's portfolio in the children's dairy products market and particularly in the category of "milk beverages". The term "milk beverages" is required by law for further categorisation due to the fact that any milk product that has been enriched with vitamins, proteins and minerals cannot be described as simply "milk"Vlachas MILK 7,5%Full fat milk, rich in nutritious elements.It comes in packages of 410 gr., 170 gr., servings 15 gr. and packs of 6.Vlachas LIGHT MILK 4%Full fat milk, semi skimmed. Targeted for modem and active people concerned about their health and being in shape.Comes in packages of 410 gr., servings of 15 gr. And packs of 6.SUGARED MILK VlachasSugared and concentrated milk, targeted for the confectionary market.It comes in packages of 397 gr.MILK CREAM VlachasTargeted mainly for the confectionary market.Comes in packages of 200ml.CARNATION FULL FATFull fat and concentrated milk, targeted for both confectionary and cooking market.Comes in packages of 410 gr. And servings of 15 gr.CARNATION LIGHTSemi-skimmed milk, concentrated with less fat.Comes in packages of 410 gr. and servings of 15 gr.CARNATION MILK POWDERSkimmed powder milk with less fat.Comes in packages of 300 gr.NESTLÉ MON AMIConcentrated milk enriched with 13 vitamins, iron and all natural milk proteins.Comes in packages of 412 gr. and packages of 6.CARNATION COCOA MILKSkimmed cocoa milk.Comes in packages of 400 gr.CARNATION COCOA MILK WITH EASY OPENINGSkimmed cocoa milk.Comes...

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