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Consumer product refers to an article of trade that is produced, and then used by the customer, to fulfill his or her present needs and wants. Among the commodities that can satisfy customer’s needs and wants is iPhone 5S. This is a Smartphone of high quality, which is manufactured by Apple industry. Being part of iPhone line, it was first presented to the market on 20, September, 2013 (Stephen, 2000).
Apple Inc. has grown broader in terms of market size, and product accessibility. It designs, manufactures, and markets media service and mobile communication. The company was known as Apple Computer Inc. It was established in 1976, and is located in United States. It is managed through brick and mortars vend stores. The company manufactures iPhones, iPad, Apple televisions, professional software applications, OS X and IOS operating systems, I Cloud, and offers support. The industry also sells and conveys application, and digital contents through Apps Store, Ma App Store and iTunes Store. The company has a worldwide market. It achieves to put products on the sell through online stores, direct sales force, retail stores, and wholesalers (Wilson, 2013). The company also sells products like Ipad, IPhone and Mac through direct sales force; value added resellers, and third-party cellular network carriers. It greatly produces moveable digital music players, private computers, and also puts on the market several software, networking solutions, services, and third-party digital functions and contents. The company’s market share in United States has been a principle driver of success of the industry (Keenan, Smith & Szymanski, 2008). According to report that was released by NDP, ownership of iPhone in United States has greatly risen up to 42 percent in the fourth section of 2013. In 2012, it had a significant increase of 35 percent in the fourth quarter. The current version, iPhone 5s, in the market was well acknowledged by the Smartphone owners in the United States (Wilson, 2013). According to CIRP reports, iPhone 5s has taken the principal share of sales, in the market, in U.S. The accessibility of the phone has influenced customer to abandon the low priced iPhones such as 4s and 5c.
iPhone 5S is a thinner, lesser and faster Smartphone with an elevated resolution display. There are various colors for iPhone 5S. These colors include of grey, white, black and gold. The phone that has been innovated is 1.4mm in measurement of the width. The phone’s case is specifically intended to fit iPhone entirely. It is made of quality leather, making it look stylish and luxurious. It weights 112g and the rear is pictured with aluminum panel. The phone has a 14 inch IPS pixel screen with a 16: 9 feature ratio (Bolton, Dorogusker, Filson, Lydon, Novotney, Schubert & Tupman, 2007). The tallness of the phone mounts to 1136x640. The extra solution is significant, as the customer can fit five rows of icons in the home screen, and simple to use. It uses average Apple...

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