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Marketing Strategy For Unilever South Africa

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Marketing Strategy for Unilever South Africa

"Our purpose in Unilever is to meet the everyday needs of people everywhere - to anticipate the aspirations of our consumers and customers and to respond creatively and competitively with branded products and services which raise the quality of life".
"Our deep roots in local cultures and markets around the world are our unparalleled inheritance and the foundation for our future growth. We will bring our wealth of knowledge and international expertise to the service of local consumers - a truly multi-local multinational."
"Our long-term success requires a total commitment to exceptional standards of performance and productivity, to working together effectively and to a willingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously. "
"We believe that to succeed requires the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards our employees, consumers and the societies and world in which we live. "
"This is Unilever's road to sustainable, profitable growth for our business and long-term value creation for our shareholders and employees"


Unilever is part of an Anglo Dutch fast moving consumer goods manufacturer and marketer, one of the largest of its kind in the world.
Unilever South Africa is headquartered in Durban with facilities in Johannesburg, Stellenbosch, Durban as well as Pietermaritzburg and consists of four Operating Companies: Lever Pond's, Unifoods, Ola and Hudson & Knight. Unilever is also represented in South Africa by Elizabeth Arden.
Because Unilever has a policy of marketing the brands and not the company. The result is that they have been an integral part of life in South Africa without the consumer being aware of it.
The following operating companies fall under the umbrella of Unilever South Africa

Unilever South Africa has Regional Innovation Centres that are a part of the ongoing research and development that Unilever continually conducts around the globe. It is this international status that makes this company such a dynamic and forward thinking company. Unilever South Africa has brand leaders in virtually every sector in which they operate.
Apart from the massive investment in providing training for their people, Unilever is also the largest advertiser in South Africa, spending many millions annually in support of their brands.

The focus of this report will be the operating company Ola South Africa Pty (Ltd) It will show what the current macro environmental trends are that influence consumers and how the current marketing strategy of Ola must be adjusted to suit the ever changing needs of the customers. It will give a future course of action regarding how the Product, Promotion, Place and Distribution of Ola Ice Creams should be adjusted with accordance to the new changes in the industry and the environment.


The Following trends and...

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