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Marketing Techniques: The Old Spice Essay

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There are so many marketing techniques that companies use in today’s world. There are also many competitions that companies face because of the advancement of marketing and different kind of brands. Old spice does a great job advertising and campaigning by using classical conditioning. Old Spice is an American brand that males use for grooming, they do a great job marketing the product and presenting them to consumers. Classical conditioning is when theorists teach either animal or human certain behaviors passively through repetition. After the theorist teach the animals, the theorist measure and see what the response. One of the most important thing about classical conditioning is to see ...view middle of the document...

Ivan Pavlov was the first one to describe conditioning and proposed a model how learning occurs. He studied dogs, since dogs are always hungry and motivated to eat. Pavlov made a bell sounded then applied a meat paste to the dogs tongue which can cause it to salivate. On this one, the sound was conditioned stimulus and the meat paste was unconditioned stimulus.
There are many aspects of the communication source are involved in influencing attitudes toward Old Spice it leads from market research to promoting the brand. Advertisers at Old Spice and Procter and Gamble found out that women were buying male grooming products for men 60% of the time, so it was more important to persuade women. Old Spice advertised at the Super Bowl on television and after the big game it capture 75% of the people’s attention. The advertisers believed that digital is the best way to approach because it is easier to know people’s response. One of the great strategies they had was that the Old Spice Guy would personally respond to fans messaged and comments. The fans used social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and also YouTube. Even though it was a great idea, it was touch but they managed to do it! Attitudes toward the brand, and advertiser also play a huge role in wanting to buy the product. For example, if the wife’s father used the product, she probably doesn’t want her husband to smell like the father. The communication source also launched the videos nationwide, and was popular internationally as well. After they researched on who is giving video responses, they found out that it was mostly women who replied. Old Spice keeps their videos short but long enough to get their point across, they also strive to make their videos easy to share and view all over the world. Many of the videos pop up just when one searches Old Spice. The company does an amazing job marketing everywhere by multimedia, and multichannel. It is also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Old Spice uses many fallacies such as Appeal to Celebrity this means the company uses celebrities or well-known people to demonstrate their brand and gain publicity. They use this fallacy because they know it will catch the women’s attention since 60% of them are buying men’s grooming product. This would probably be Old Spice’s positioning strategy since they employ an actor who creates masculine personality. The target audience is female consumers, or single men who want to get a lady. This would also be Appeal to Men since it sets standards for men to reach to...

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