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Marketing The Orlando Magic Essay

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Marketing and advertising are not just a business, but are art forms as well. Marketing agencies use tactics and special methods in order to appeal to a specific demographic. For instance, a television channel aimed towards kids (such as Nickelodeon) would probably air commercials marketing toys, snacks, and other items that appeal to the primary viewer of that channel (kids). As a die-hard sports fan, I find marketing aimed towards me all the time. Whether it’s while I’m watching ESPN on television where a commercial for Sports Illustrated Magazine is shown, or a pop-up ad while browsing the Internet, I am consistently bombarded by advertisements trying to convince me to purchase their product. One advertisement in particular completely caught me by surprise. This advertisement was from my favorite professional sports team, the Orlando Magic, trying to get me to buy season tickets. The political message of this advertisement uses personalization, familiarization, and specific aspects that interest Orlando Magic fans in order to alter their unsavory opinion of the team in order to get them to spend money on their product.
Entering the 2003 season, the Orlando Magic had no fan support whatsoever. Finishing a mediocre forty-two-win season combined with poor fan relations, the city of Orlando gave the Orlando Magic the proverbial “cold shoulder.” According to ESPN’s “Ultimate Franchise Rankings,” which ranks sports franchises according to several categories including fan relations and fan experience, the Orlando Magic ranked twentieth out of thirty teams. ESPN’s franchise ranking coupled with finishing with a rather depressing attendance figure of 87.8% (ESPN Attendance) capacity made it clear that the Orlando Magic would have to do something drastic in order to recapture the die-hard fans they had gained following the 1995 trip to the NBA Finals whom they had alienated. In getting those fans back, the Orlando Magic would have to do something drastic which included the way they went about fan relations, stadium experience, and most importantly advertising. While it’s been eight years since the Magic hit their low point, they are still trying to recover. One of their methods is to involve fans in the “team mentality.” In doing so, the Magic no longer view their season ticket holders as fans in the seats, but rather as members of the team. The Magic’s newest advertisement, entitled “Be Magic,” wholeheartedly embodies this new mentality.
Upon opening the email, I was presented with a video screen with the words "loading" flashing across it in sleek silver and blue font with stars streaking all around. From the start, it was clear that this commercial wanted to grab the audience's attention and never let go. After loading, I was brought to a professional-style telecast showing an overhead view of the Magic's arena, the Amway Center, before being "taken inside" to Sun Sports television announcers Pat Kennedy and Matty Goukas. Upon seeing this, I...

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