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Marketing To Generation Essay

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In the article Marketing to the Generations, it stated the general characteristic, the best way of marketing, and best ways to communicate with each different generations. And for Generation Y, which was born during 1977-1994, are said to be wise and have a strong sense of independence. In addition, they feel the needs to connect with others. This generation care more about the quality instead of the brands name, but they also need to know how the brands act toward global issues to decide whether to trust this brand. The Generation Y are fast pace and get bored easily, so it is important for the company to constantly change their products or commercial to keep these customers. Since this generation was born in the time of advanced technology and like to be connected with their peers, they are easily reached through technological ways, such as internet, and by their peers’ words. Their grandparents are also a good source to reach them personally.
For Generation Z, which was born after 1994, are said to be street smart and are more responsible. Just like Generation Y, Generation Z also need to fit into their peers’ groups. This generation care more about the brands names and instant gratification. If a company does not response within twenty-four hours upon their request, it would lost this generation’s trust. The Generation Z is highly influenced by their surroundings, especially television commercial, so obviously, it is best to reach this generation through television shows.
I believe that UCD students are closer to the description of the Generation Y because they have a strong sense of independence, but feel the need to connect with others at the same time. I believe that most UCD students have a strong sense of independence because they are all college students. Many people, especially people who...

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