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Executive Summary" The enigma of marketing is that it is one of man's oldest activities and yet regarded as the most recent of the business discipline" Michael Baker - 1976The true concept of marketing is an exchange based upon mutually satisfying relationships in which both parties get what they want.This assignment is aimed at providing a clear and methodical approach to determine if marketing concepts could meet the strategic objectives. It will focus on the viability of that project from the market prospective in view of the organization strategic objectives with recommendation for the basis on which the project would proceed. It looks at a growing company operating in the food service industry in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.It aims at examining the marketing options available to face a very competitive environment in a changing world. In addition, this assignment is proposing a marketing strategy, along recommendations to be submitted to the management.The objective is to answer the following fundamental questions(Ref : Strategic Marketing Management by Wilson & Guilligan)Where are we now ?Where do we want to be ?How might we get there ?Which way is the best ?How can we ensure arrival ?The components of a marketing strategy are as following:Organization mission, goals and corporate strategyOrganization opportunities and capabilities (environment scanning, customer and competitor analysis, capabilities and resources)Strategic objectives (growth with a low-cost and focus strategy)Target market strategy and brand positioning (market segmentation, differential advantages)Marketing objectivesMarketing programs for implementation (marketing mix)Performance assessment and benchmarking (unstudied. The product has not yet been manufactured . April 2004)To analyze this company, the following research methods have been used.Research is a systematic search for information. It is a process of inquiry in which the researcher carefully poses a question and proceeds systematically to gather, analyze, interpret and communicate the information necessary to answer the question. (Research Methods. 1997. A. Graziano & M. Raulin)Figure 1: Research MethodologyObjectives Methodology ToolsIdentification of the objectives Interview with Dept Managers Design of mission statement and vision. Ashridge modelCompany informationInterview with Dept Managers Mc Kinsey's 7 S frameworkMarket informationWeb site Municipality, chamber of commerce & industry.Interviews with Chefs and Procurement Managers Pest AnalysisPorter's 5 ForcesProduct InformationWebsites of bakery products and mailing1. IntroductionFrench Connection (FC), a bakery and pastry shop established in 1997, on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, is a small family owned enterprise of 40 employees. This said, the reader will understand that the marketing practices are different to conventional description as preached in textbook literature. Over the years, the Company has developed its own...

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