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Marketing Unit

Throughout this unit I am going to try to develop my own marketing
strategy and techniques for the company Tommy Hilfiger. The store that
I will be assessing is the Bluewater store. I will attempt to identify
the methods and strategies that are used by the company when promoting
and trying to increase the sales of the Tommy Denim range of jeans and
clothing, I shall then attempt to develop my own, better strategies.
Marketing is essential to the success of any business. Its primary aim
is to enable businesses to meet the needs of their customers and
potential customers, whether for profit or not but in the long term
hopefully increasing sales.

Tommy’s target market is extremely varied but the designs of the
clothing tend to focus more on the needs and tastes of the older, more
classic generation. In an attempt to expand sales and increase profits
a new range of products were developed which were aimed for a younger,
trendier target market.

The problems that currently face the Tommy Hilfiger Company are as

* The cost and expense of the products is quite high and when
considering the fact that the products are aimed at a younger
target market, often they are unable to afford them.

* Insufficient advertisement – The Tommy Hilfiger store at Bluewater
is fairly new, being only six months old. Unless people are
regular visitors of the shopping complex, they are often unaware
as to the presence of the store. The managers have tried to
overcome this problem by introducing ‘Keep in touch with Tommy’
cards, whereby customers fill in their details and then these are
kept on file and a customer database is built up, customers are
then notified of any special events and get privileged discounts
on some occasions.

* The location of the unit within the shopping complex – The
situation of the store also adds to the problems in the sense that
the store is located on the upper mall in a section of the complex
that is surrounded...

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