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Market Research Implementation: Mc Donalds Essay

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Market Research Implementation

We have come to the phase that allows Team A to apply the research tools and implement a market research plan. Team A will review various marketing research tools that are available for researchers to use such as secondary research, secondary on-line research, exploratory research, nondirective interviews, and the Likert scale. Our secondary research is showing that consumers are demanding healthier menu options. This market research implementation plan will develop several market research tools; including questionnaires’ and the Likert scale to verify if McDonald’s consumers genuinely want and will purchase healthier menu items.
Secondary Research for McDonald’s
When researching McDonald’s through online sources, it is clear that nutrition is a major concern of the public visiting the fast-food chain. Secondary research conducted shows that there are several case studies and other secondary source searches around the same topic. McDonald’s has often been the center of nutritional attention within the fast-food industry. Secondary research shows that the restaurant has recently made changes to the American Happy Meal to reduce the amount of French fries offered and replace the portion with fruit (Strom, 2011). In a study conducted by McDonald’s a secondary source reports the meal cuts calories by 20% for the children’s meal (Strom, 2011). This is a critical move by the organization on children’s obesity is currently a hot topic within food chains and attention is driven by the Obama administration. Secondary research also shows that although the public has major health concerns with the food chain, profits are increasing during a high point of an economic recession (Dahan & Gittens, 2008). According to the source, sales are up in the United States by 4.3% in 2008 regardless of any health considerations to the menu and an increase to menu pricing (Dahan & Gittens, 2008).
Secondary research shows that McDonald’s has made past attempts to reinvent a healthy menu option in the United Kingdom. The research shows that McDonald’s as hired a third-party advertising agency, TBWA/London to handle the initiative to promote a healthier menu and options at the restaurant (“TBWA\London wins McDonald's health brief,”2006). Research also shows that the company made a change to their famous French Fry in the year 2002. When they took this action it had mixed reviews. Although an increase to the health factor for those dining at the establishment, there were also numerous complaints at the downslide in taste (Arthur Page Society, 2008). The secondary research shows that the hypothesis of McDonald’s needing to move toward a healthier menu in the Europe is, in fact, true. The secondary research can be used to help validate primary research conducted.
Secondary Research
One of the tools that can be used is the online environment. The following are some sources that can be used to understand the project better. In order to...

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