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For the attainment of the expected profits or returns, an organization needs to lay a marketing strategy. It is through marketing that an organization informs the public of: new products, how to use a product, improvements made on an existing product and more concerning a product. Effective marketing plan is reflected in the level of returns. When an effective marketing plan is used then an organization is bound to generate more profits and vice versa (Marketing Minds, 2010).
For the development of a marketing plan the core factor to be considered is the marketing mix. It is through this that an organization can develop an effective marketing strategy. In the marketing process a company has to develop a successful mix of the right product, sold in the right place, to the right people and using the most suitable promotion. Therefore, for the development of a right market mix a firm has to meet certain conditions. The feature of the product should look good and work well for the firm. The price should be reasonable to the target group hence increase the consumer purchase and in return high incomes. The firm should also avail the product in the right place at the right time. The producer has to make sure that the product is availed when and where they are demanded. The producer also has to inform the target of the existence and the availability of the product via promotions. When the promotion is successful, a firm greatly spreads costs over a larger output (Marketing Minds, 2010).
Apple has been developing different models of phones, iPad being among the latest models. The model has several features that greatly attract users. This makes the product easy to market to various groups of users, for instance the marketing of an iPad phone to campus students (Marketing Minds, 2010).
The iPad is a mobile device that can read e-books, write and receive mails, browse the web, view photos and movies. The phone has a 30% smaller screen compared to the laptop and weighs 700 grams only. The product is touch-screen operated and has a virtual keyboard but larger than that of iPhone virtual keyboard. The iPad has Wi-Fi connectivity, a 9.7” display with 1024x768 resolutions, a battery life of ten days. Some models posses 3G connectivity, is half an inch thick and has a total 24x19 cm size. The phone also gives the best way to experience the web (Marketing Minds, 2010).
These features make the product marketable to campus students because of several reasons derived from its features. These features are useful to students on their study habits and other activities they engage in daily. For instance the ability of the phone to access the web enables the students to access learning materials online hence the students purchase it to be able to read anywhere anytime. The ability of the phone to read e-books has also...

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