Marks & Spencer Case Study

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Marks & SpencerCase StudyIntroduction........................................................................ Page 3EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT1.0 PEST Analysis................................................................ Page 32.0 Porters Five Forces Model................................................. Page 4INTERNAL ANALYSIS3.0 Auditing the Resources of M&S.......................................... Page 54.0 Value Chain Analysis....................................................... Page 85.0 Analysing the Culture & Stakeholders in 1998 ....................... Page 116.0 Evaluation of M&S´ Strategy............................................. Page 156.1 SWOT Analysis..................................................... Page 167.0 Recommendations for future Strategies................................. Page 19IntroductionMarks & Spencer p.l.c. is one of the most recognizable clothing retailers in the UK. The company´s stores also sell food and homeware and provide financial services. M&S has enjoyed a consistent record of success and profitability since its origins, with a worldwide reputation for its innovative, high quality products and competitive prices. However, M&S´ prestige and outstanding long-term performance have been hit in recent years by falling sales and declining customer satisfaction. The aim of this report is to identify the key factors that allowed M&S to outperform its competitors up to the mid 1990s. This assignment also explores the reasons behind M&S´ recent crisis and it suggests a number of strategies to regain competitive advantage and to deal with the challenges M&S faces, currently and into the future.Question 1Identify M&S´resources and capabilities up to the mid 1990s and hence the sources of competitive advantageWe can use two different approaches to identify the main drivers of M&S´ success up to the mid 1990s, as well as its recent crisis. A well-known approach is to examine the external environment in which M&S operates. PEST analysis or Porters 5 Forces model are common techniques associated to this traditional approach. Although the external environment has an indisputable impact upon M&S´ performance, it is also important to carry out an internal analysis of the organisation. This second approach examines M&S´ ability to use available resourses and competences or to create them in order to build sucess. We can also enumerate various techniques associated to this new approach: resourse audit, value chain analysis, activity mapping, core competence analysis, power/interest matrix, sinergy analysis, strategy evaluation techniques, SWOT analysis... etc.EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT1.0 PEST AnalsysisPEST is a mnemonic for political, economic, social and technological factors. It is the most frequently used tool to analyse the impact of the general enviroment upon an organisation.Political: British political system offers...

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1605 words - 6 pages . Marks & Spencer is still a very good brand which in the past has achieved outstanding retail success. The logic behind buying the shares, then, is the belief that they must at some time bounce back (Anonymous 21). This is a bad enough strategy to apply to stock market investment generally, but it is a particularly bad when applied to a specific stock such as in this case. The world is a fast changing place and just because a company was once

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1550 words - 6 pages An Analysis of Marks and SpencerINTRODUCTION TO THE FIRM AND ITS INDUSTRYMarks and Spencer is one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom, and is also known as a major retailer selling diverse product ranges under their own exclusive brand in more than thirty countries. Customer confidence in the Marks and Spencer brand remains second to none. According to recent research undertaken by the Company, it shows that, in clothing, Mark and

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1756 words - 7 pages Applied Financial SkillsFinancial Analysis: Marks & SpencerSubmitted to: Charles SandilandsLeeds Metropolitan UniversityBusiness SchoolSubmitted by: Craig SlaterDate of submission: 23rd January 2003IntroductionThis report analyses the financial position of Marks & Spencer, one of the UK's leading retailers of clothing, foods, home ware and financial services, serving 10 million customers a week in over 300 UK stores. The Company also

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3486 words - 14 pages illustration 1 shows:Illustration 1 Main Topics of the Marks & Spencer AnalysisHaving identified the most critical areas a list of recommendations will be provided before ending the report in form of a final conclusion.2. Strategic Business Audit2.1 The Macro EnvironmentDue to lack of available information in this case, the PESTEL framework, which is normally applied to analyze the macro environment, cannot provide great help in this


1068 words - 4 pages Marks & Spencer, once the most tried and tested high street brand - Now facing a fight to revive its image. In doing so they sign up George Davies, the designer who established 'George' the clothing business for Asda and established Next another high street brand.The man who once said he would not work for M & S because he was not that kind of person, now states, " I made a mistake" and insisted that Marks and Spencer had changed under

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2317 words - 9 pages P1 explain how the training needs for an organisation are linked to the different levels within its structureP2 describe what an organisation needs to consider when identifying its training needsOrganisational structure Marks & Spencer is a leading retailers of food in the UK, clothing, home wares and financial services whose aim is to source key raw materials from the most

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3302 words - 14 pages reports, case study, financial reports and any reliable sources related to the topic area. These resources help to analyse and find out the current business position and problems faced by M&S. 3. Background of M&S In 1884, Michael Marks started as a booth in Leeds to sell various items in Penny. Marks and Spencer is a British grown retailer, which sells food, clothes and home furniture in Europe, the Americas, and the Far East. It also operates the M

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3414 words - 14 pages environment of an organization. Marks and Spencer SWOT Analysis Strengths: • Mark and Spencer (M&S) is a Powerful global brand • It has a reputation for Customers Value for their money: thus giving it a competitive edge • Its stores are deemed convenient • Its stores contain a wide range of products which cuts across a myriad of client demographics that is from Children to adults • The company has a concrete reputation on utilization of

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7828 words - 31 pages I will talk about functional areas of M&S and KFH. through Comparison and contrast of how they contribute and operate their functions, as will as the structures, also my task is, to evaluate the benefit and disadvantages of their functions, finally, try to explain my opinion about how well the two companies run there business. In 1884-1907 Michael Marks formed a partnership with Tom Spencer,in 1908-1931 The St Michael trademark

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1281 words - 5 pages assistant in a role of a section coordinator. "If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude." --Charles R. Swindoll Final Year Project (if applicable): Include any information you may have gathered for final year project RENUMERATION: A major source of motivation. A case study of Marks and Spencer in remunerating its employees such as

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Marks And Spencer Case Study

1426 words - 6 pages EXECUTIVE SUMMARYWith multiple stores in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and the United States, Marks and Spencer is a leader in superstore retail organizations. The combination of quality and price under the St Michael brand name offers customers value for their money. I have examined and evaluated the operations of Marks and Spencer, LTD including its strengths and weaknesses. I recommend the following in order to ensure continued success

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9068 words - 36 pages % This year Plan A has generated an increased financial benefit which is available to be invested back into the business. We reduced emissions by 23% against 2006/07 and purchased high quality carbon offsets to be carbon neutral. This year we increased the number of disadvantaged people helped through our work experience programme. Marks & Spencer is one of the UK's leading retailers with around 20 million customers visiting our stores every

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5119 words - 20 pages change has probably been Strongest in organizations such as the large, globally companies in their search for international integration of their promotions.One of the big organizations in the retail business is Marks and Spencer (M&S). It is one of the UK's leading retailers of clothing, foods, home ware and financial services, serving 10 million customers a week on over 300 UK stores. M&S is headquartered in London, UK.M&S has been