Marriage According To The Bible Essay

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Marriage According to the Bible

"Marriage must be honoured by all" (Hebrew 13:4) Marriage is seen as a
gift from God, and therefore should be respected by all Christians.
Marriage is a sacrament, a very important promise, between the couple
and God. If a man and a woman divorce, then they are breaking the
promise that they made to themselves, and to God. By making a solemn
vow in front of God, the couple are getting to know each other better,
and getting to know God better. "But what I tell you is this: if a man
divorces his wife for any reason other cause than unchastity then he
involves her in adultery" (Matthew 5:32.) This quote refers to a
lifelong commitment, which the couple promise when they decide to
marry in a church. One of the key aspects of marriage is showing a
lifelong commitment towards each other. Marrying in a church signifies
the three-way marriage between the man, the woman, and God. Christians
marry in a church because they choose to make their promises to each
other in front of God. Christians marry in a church because they
choose to make a promise in front of God. This is reflected in the
marriage vows "till death do us part, according to God's holy law; and
this is my solemn vow…" Christian marriages are seen as the basis for
a stable and secure family life and Christian traditions value family
life very highly. The family is often seen as God's plan for caring
for individuals. The role of the family is has been and still is very
important throughout Christianity. The role of parents has been to
bring up their children in a stable, Christian environment, and this
is said to be easier for a married couple, as they can be older
Christian role models for the children.

Marriage is seen as a major life long commitment, "…marriage is a gift
of God in creation, in which man and woman become one flesh. It is
God's purpose that the husband and wife shall be united in love as
Christ is united with his church." (1) This passage is referring to
the idea of marriage being a lifelong commitment, and of Christ's love
for the church. If man and woman are united as one flesh by love for
each other, as Jesus loves the church then the couple will be breaking
their love for each other if that couple decide to divorce, and Jesus
would not break his love for the church, and therefore couples should
not get divorced, and should follow Jesus' example. This is a common
belief throughout Christianity which is often stated in the bible,
"that is why a man leaves his father and his mother and attaches
himself to his wife, and the two become one" (Genesis 2:24) This means
that when a man and woman get married, they become one flesh that can
never be separated. This quotation is the basis for the lifelong
commitment that a couple are expected to show to each other if they

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