Marriage And Divorce Laws Should Be Stricter

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Too many times we read an article involving another celebrity and their messy divorce. Take for instance the divorce of Tiger Woods, and Elin Nordegren. Do you remember this headline? “Tiger Woods injured in crash”. The now infamous Thanksgiving night car accident, which led us all to believe that Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car crash and nothing more? Later we come to find out that this auto accident was tied into a serious cheating scandal. In America marriage is a contract that joins two people together. In marriage, personal happiness, and trust is given the utmost importance. People enter into matrimonial alliances for the sake of seeking personal happiness. If this happiness ...view middle of the document...

The traditional Latvian wedding has many customs and ancient rituals which are all performed during and after the wedding ceremony. Some Latvian wedding ceremonies can last two to three days. American weddings last for a few hours, and they cost thousands of dollars. I see the differences with foreign cultured weddings versus the traditional American wedding. In America, we have lost most of our cultural foundations, and I believe this is another reason for the decline in marriages.
My inherited opinion is from my family and from my culture. They have instilled in me that being married is a part of my heritage and culture. My opinion also comes from linked opinion. Such as same-sex marriage are closely linked with political affiliation. My adaptive opinion comes from my religious affiliation. Involuntary opinions comes from the constant bombardment of news regarding same-sex marriages, economic chaos and the women’s liberation movement. Another involuntary opinion is from the constant news about Hollywood celebrities and their marriages. My religion and culture follow well under linked opinions.
I agree with the author Aja Gabel that marriages are weakening because of the women’s liberation movement. Women are becoming a main stream economic provider in the family household. Many corporations now have women holding high positions for the company that they work for. For example, in January 2014 General Motors announced that Marry Barra will be taking over the CEO role for that company. In fact, several other corporations such as Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin, Xerox, DuPont, General Dynamics, PepsiCo, and Yahoo all have women as their CEO’s. It is obvious that women have become more independent, and now they too are main providers for their household. This basically pushes the men to the side to fend for themselves. Women don’t have to rely on a husband for support, which leads to declining marriages. I agree with the author Rivera states, “Allowing two people to decide how long their marriage should last would not decrease divorce rates because this ‘Temporary Marriage’ should not have been considered as a marriage in the first place”(82). This is where cohabitation fits in best. Instead of a temporary marriage just live together for a while, and if it all works out then go get married. I could not agree any more with the last paragraph in which the author Gabel wrote, “Marriage has changed because America has changed. We can’t return to the model of marriage from the mid-twentieth century because we no longer live in the culture or the economy that created it” (76). I can relate to that statement very well. I have lived through several decades, and I have experienced the global economic changes. We don’t live in an era where our marriage closely resembles to the TV show Leave it to Beaver, an iconic American mid-20th century family comedy show, and it captured the daily life of the father Ward Cleaver who would go off to work, and then...

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