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Marriage And Life Satisfaction In Kyrgyzstan

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This paper explores the links between social relations, gender and life satisfaction within a traditional society. We are all searching for happiness, and in doing so making choices on the numerous crossroads in life. Throughout the history of human civilization great philosophers have been engaged in searching for a universal recipe and its ingredients which, combined in the right proportions, will lead to private happiness contributing to happiness and wellbeing for all. Besides purely economic determinants of well-being, such as personal\household income and employment, there is one of the most interesting evidences in social sciences that satisfaction with life also come from social ...view middle of the document...

For a purpose of analyzing well-being in Kyrgyzstan, the research is conducted at both the theoretical and the empirical level. The theoretical investigation will draw from different branches of economic theory, from the theoretical underpinnings of happiness economics to the insights from institutional and historical analysis of the family in eastern country setting. The empirical investigation is specifically focus on the role of marriage practices in the attainment of life satisfaction, with econometric parameter-estimation techniques and the LIK dataset providing the main source of micro-data.
The first finding of the paper is that women’s gains from marriage appear not to be unambiguous and might vary across types of marriages. Its second, and main finding, is that the process and type of family formation depend on the personality of partners as well as on their family background and extra-household environment (norms and laws). These fairly preliminary evidences clearly underscores the fruitfulness of investigating life satisfaction in...

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