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Marriage and FamilyThe topic I have been assigned to read about and review is divorce as a white American in poverty. Since I had difficulty finding an article specifically related to being white, in poverty, and divorcing, I had to assume that the studies were done on white Americans unless otherwise stated. The article I chose to review was entitled 'Maternal Anxiety and Depression, Poverty and Marital Relationship Factors During Early Childhood as Predictors of Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence'.The type of article I was looking to review on the basis of our given topic came from my thoughts of what could lead an American in poverty to divorce and the repercussions that would ensue. The maternal pressure, anxiety, martial relationship, and a developing mental issue that could stem from being in poverty would surely raise the possibility of divorce. After the divorce, the children involved living in poverty conditions may continue into the same cycle their parents may have been raised in. With the cycle continuing, many children grow and become complacent and happy while in poverty and living in unstable intimate relationships-leading the children to grow into adults that continue communities that are broken and poor.This article was written after a study on symptoms the children of the divorce and poverty experience growing up in family with maternal distress. While the study shows the maternal depression and anxiety had only a small influence, the influence was significant. The maternal duress had an influence in leading children to also have high anxiety and depression by the age...

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