Marriage: Any American's Right Defends Gay Marriage

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There can be no doubt that in this day and age gay marriage is one of the most commonly debated subjects among Americans of all backgrounds. Those in favor of gay marriage being legally recognized believe it unconstitutional to deny any American's rights to marry; and those against it argue that permitting gays to marry would be an inexcusable violation of American and western history and tradition. Religion also factors in to the debate, as it plays a key role in American history. However, as the United States has entered a new century, these two main arguments against gay marriage, tradition and religion, have been stripped of their legitimacy.The tradition associated with marriage is that between one man and one woman. This union does have its merit, as it has been around since before biblical times. However, traditions change and have been changing as long as we know. Yes, the United States as we know it was founded by Puritans believing in the sacred union between a man and a women, but they and their generations after, and incoming Americans from around the world have brought in and changed countless traditions as well. If the United States was looked at from a broad perspective, one might say that socially it's done a complete reverse in the way it's run. One of the biggest examples of a long-enforced tradition in this country was slavery. Along with this terrible practice came the belief that African Americans were lesser people than whites, or subhuman, a belief that would lead to over 200 years of racism and segregation. Slavery was such an identifying institution in our country, yet has been completely abolished. Although racism still exists, African Americans have made much progress towards equality, largely because of the civil rights movement. Marriage between a white person and a person of color used to be outlawed, but has become a generally accepted practice. This is because many people now associate marriage as a union between two lovers, any race or any age - so why not any sexual orientation?Of course homosexuality has existed as long as our recorded history, but the reason for there traditionally being no marriage among homosexuals was that marriage used to be necessary to...

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1239 words - 5 pages death, and it usually gives them the right to inherit from a parent who dies without a will."This country is supposed to operate under the separation of church and state rule and not legalizing gay marriage is a violation of it. According to the United States Constitution, "[the government should] make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" (Constitution). Freedom of Religion is a constitutional

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800 words - 3 pages constitutional rights are being violated. Elizabeth Birch a director of the gay rights organization states, "Marriage is important to gays for the same reason it is important to straights". Being married will provide a multitude of federal and state benefits including inheritance rights and social security survival benefits. In other words, gay activist claim that being able to marry is a human right and by not allowing then to get married


802 words - 3 pages constitutional rights are being violated. Elizabeth Birch a director of the gay rights organization states, ?Marriage is important to gays for the same reason it is important to straights?. Being married will provide a multitude of federal and state benefits including inheritance rights and social security survival benefits. In other words, gay activist claim that being able to marry is a human right and by not allowing then to get married

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1106 words - 4 pages Summary of "For Gay Marriage"In his essay "For Gay Marriage," Andrew Sullivan argues that marriage isn't and has never been, in his view just a "private contract" between two people, and that now marriage is seen as a social and public recognition of such a commitment (404). Sullivan argues that to refuse homosexuals the right to marry is a public offense to their rights and equality as citizens. Sullivan makes the case in his essay that

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2037 words - 9 pages if is the first black US district attorney and claims the issues of gay rights and marriage are a continuation of the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s. The Supreme Court and President Obama struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, even though President Obama went into office in 2008 against the idea of gay marriage. Yet, it is not stated whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Yet some attorney generals disagree

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884 words - 4 pages love happensit doesn't always fall within society's definition of what is "right". Gay persons in loving, commitedrelationships are confused as to why other people can't understand or accept their relationship.Traditional marriages have the support of society. Churches are an important part of the values oursociety sets. Homosexuality is not accepted by many religions and therefore, gay marriage won't be either.Catholic churches allow gay

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2085 words - 9 pages . Marriage is seen as a religious sacrament, and a homosexual couples do not fit the specific criteria that had been put in place. On the other hand there are individuals who are all about gay marriage. I mean, why not? What harm would it do if it does not affect you directly? Many feel that not allowing homosexuals not to marry is a denial of a basic right. Those individuals have the right to marry, but they cannot because it is not considered “natural

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887 words - 4 pages voluntarily accept the act of same-sex marriage. Gay marriage questions the conventional meaning of the family institution. Traditionally, marriage has been defined as a religious and legal commitment between a man and woman, as well as a deep expression of love. If gay couples are allowed to marry, it will break the tradition of marriage and everything it stands for. Many years ago, homosexuality was considered bad or evil. If someone was gay or

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1033 words - 5 pages change for the future. With more states accepting the law there is hope that soon every state and district in America will have marriage equality. Marriage is not just a piece of paper to people who cannot legally have it. Marriage to them is the right to see each other in the hospital or to have the ability to have the legal rights as any other married couple. People view the law different when it is them being effected. By separating the idea

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1670 words - 7 pages “We're a pair-bonding species, and we have a deep need at the species level to love and be loved by another and a need to pass on a part of ourselves to the next generation” (Masci 1). As long as humans have lived, they have paired up in order to reproduce. It has been the way of life even before government or religion. Should the natural order of a species be changed? That is the question circulating the United States. Gay marriage will have an

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1358 words - 5 pages courts' power to interpret state constitutions." Stanley Kurtz's statement, on its own, sounds the most righteous and accurate until the idea of the Federal Marriage Amendment, a legislation defining marriage as a union of a man and a woman in the constitution is said within the same context. Many have reacted and said that the FMA is not federalism because it does not give states any right to react to this situation, but in the FMA makers' eyes

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790 words - 3 pages raised by two mothers were in fact rated higher than those of heterosexual couples. Just because a couple is of the same sex does not give anyone the right to determine their ability to become an excellent parent from this small minded judgment. Equality is an enormous issue among American's. Gays and lesbians should be given the same rights as any other human being. Saying a gay couple cannot marry is a discriminative action that needs to be

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1615 words - 7 pages right and with gay marriage, there is an improvement in the economy and society itself. The mind set of America and Americans are evolving with society. America is constantly changing so we have learned to adapt to what society considers the “norm”. What Americans want and what they accept are changing so our laws change with it. Many states have created laws to legalize gay marriage and have found laws that once prohibited federal

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2191 words - 9 pages The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Yet, same-sex marriage continues to be a highly debated issue. If we are discriminating against gay marriage then we are not the true land of the free. I believe men and women should be able to love freely and not be shamed by it. Marriage is a great factor in the United States. To some people it’s what we live for; is to get

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2102 words - 9 pages parents but gay couples that want to raise children should be given the right to do so. People against gay marriage may also say that lovers are considered a man and women. Why can’t same sex beings be considered lovers? Homosexuals should be respected and seen as any other individual. People that choose to be gay or lesbian (referring to homosexuals who choose to be homosexual) have the right to make that choice and society needs to respect