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Marriage Can Be A Real Killer

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New York Times bestselling author of ‘Sharp Objects and Dark Places’ released her second bestseller, ‘Gone Girl’ in June 2012. Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’ was published by Crown Publishers in New York. ‘Gone Girl’ is a novel about Nick and Amy Dunne’s marriage. Nick loses his journalist job, and moves him and Amy, from New York, which is Amy’s hometown, to his hometown, North Carthage, Missouri. In North Carthage, Nick opens up a bar with his sister Margo using Amy’s trust fund. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing. Eventually, the police point fingers at Nick and place him as the lead suspect because he used her money to start a bar, he increased her life insurance, and he ...view middle of the document...

Amy and Nick Dunne are very well-developed characters. Through Amy’s past journal entries, the reader gets a feeling of what she’s like and what their marriage was like. Nick is told through the present so as the reader, they also get a feel of what Nick’s like and what their marriage is like. Amy changes drastically in the second half of the book, while Nick remains quite the same all throughout the novel. Although the reader does not get a good sense of how Mr. and Mrs. Elliot, Amy’s parents, are feeling about their daughter missing or if they believe that Nick is responsible for her death.
The novel takes place in North Carthage, Missouri, but some journal entries of Amy’s are set in New York. The setting is very important to the novel because New York was Amy’s hometown, so Nick making her leave her hometown for his could cause some tensions in their marriage. North Carthage is also important to the novel because it is a small city, so everyone in town knows that Amy is missing.
‘Gone Girl’ is not written in logical, meaningful manner. Flynn writes in more of a jumpy manner because we go from the past, Amy’s journals, to the present, Nick and eventually Amy’s perspectives. Although it jumps around, it is done very effectively. Flynn keeps the readers interest by not telling you until halfway through the book if Amy is alive or not and why she is framing Nick. In the beginning...

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