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On January 31st of the year 2011, this quote was said, “The sense of family comes the commitment we make to each other to work through the hard times so we can enjoy the good ones. It comes from the love that binds us. That’s what makes a family.” This was said by Zach Wahls, a then 19-year-old engineering student at the University of Iowa, during his three-minute speech before Iowa legislators urging them not to pass House Joint Resolution 6, a constitutional amendment that would overturn the passage of Iowa's 2009 act granting same-sex marriages, and civil unions. Wahls tried to convince the House Judiciary Committee that being raised by a couple with the same gender is not any ...view middle of the document...

Why do these 33 states ban the union of couples of the same gender? Do they fear that if same-sex marriage becomes legal, gays, and lesbians will be treated equally? In an article written by Marianne Mollman, “Gay Marriage Is a Human Rights Issue”, she said that our society is able to justify the rejection of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual,and transgender) people because there is a notion that they are somehow different – lesser – type of human beings. This is sad but true, a lot of people, even in this modern culture, still thinks this way. Many people get offended by the idea of homosexuals getting married, and some are annoyed with the fact that these couples will eventually raise children. Some think that children raised in a family with parents of the same gender are psychologically damaged. The author states that this is not true, she said that “Research shows that children with gay parents are just as likely to be well-adjusted as children with straight parents, and that the key to childhood adjustment is good relationships between parents and children and between the parents themselves” (Mollmann). The author made a very good point here, good parenting is the key to have mentally healthy children, no matter what the sexual orientation of the parents are. Abbie Goldberg, a psychologist at Clark University in Massachusetts, who researches gay and lesbian parenting ,said that gay parents tend to be more motivated, and more committed than heterosexual parents, because same-sex parents chose to be parents, and they are more involved. The kids being raised by a non-traditional family tends to be more open-minded,and more compassionate.
Stephanie Pappas, wrote in her article titled “ Same-Sex Parenting Is Beneficial”,
that same-sex parenting offers several advantages. One advantage is when same-sex parents decides to adopt, they are more likely to choose children that gets overlooked for adoption, like the older ones, minorities, and kids with special...

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