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Marriage In Different Religions Essay

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Marriage is a celebration that has varied practices and traditions amongst cultures all across the globe. Religions like Hinduism, Romani, Taoism and Mormonism all have similarities when joining two people together. Like the way the couples meet and the certain traditions that need occur during the wedding ceremonies. But they also have immense difference, like the way they celebrate weddings and what marriage symbolizes, why they get married.
In Hinduism the typical way of finding a partner is through arranged marriages. An arranged marriage is a marriage planned and agreed to by the families or parents of the bride or groom, who usually have little or no say in the matter themselves. ...view middle of the document...

Because of this belief, many families begin marriage preparations well in advance. Most females are married before 16, while boys are married before age 20. When a wedding date is chosen, there is a pre wedding ceremony that takes place on acuta, the most spiritual day of marriage. The ceremony often takes place early in the morning, with the male leading the female around a fire seven times. After the ceremony, the bride is taken back to her home until she is summoned to her husband’s family house. Upon her arrival, her husband’s mother is put in charge of her, where she is to learn the inner workings of the house.
This period of marriage can range from three to six years. The main motivation factor in such marriage is the happiness of the son or daughter, but the stand point is that “Parents know best” (Ahmad 14). So parents will often times exert considerable pressure on their child to marry the person they have chosen, because they do strongly believe that they know best. On the other hand, if the child refuses to marry their chosen partner, they will be punished and in serious cases even killed. In most cases, their objection is simply ignored, and the marriage takes place anyway.
Like the Hindus, Romani matches are traditionally made by elders in the family to forge ties with another family. The bride is typically a virgin and marriages are customarily arranged by the parents, with matchmaking usually initiated by the parents of the groom. Many couples marry in their mid-teens. Unmarried young men and women are not allowed to socialize alone together, as great value is placed on female chastity. The Romani also always avoid mixing to much with outsiders, they like to stick to marrying people of the same back ground and religion, still considering marriage between Romani’s and non-Romani’s to be taboo. Arranged marriages among younger brides remain common. Roma ceremonies blend orthodox wedding rituals and gypsy customs.
Weddings generally take three days; the first day is set aside for the church ceremony, the second and third day is for celebrating the marriage. It generally takes two days of celebrating because both families of the couple attend and a wedding in this religion is celebrated like a festival or holiday. Traditionally, the family of the bride pays a dowry to the new husband’s family. And if it is accepted they agree to a wedding. On the wedding day, the bride and groom arrive separately at the church; after they have been “crowned” (term for married) they travel together to the reception. There they kneel, holding icons like an heirloom and a cross, while elders and most of the family bless them with gifts like bread and presents. Upon walking into the reception the entire family throws salt over the newlywed’s heads, a tradition that symbolizes good luck. After this they celebrate.
The traditions that take place during marriage continue even after the wedding, when the wife moves in with the parents of the husband. A...

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