Marriage In The New Millennium (An Article Written To Compare Marriage Between 1979 And 2004)

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Twenty-five years ago, marriage was simpler. In 1979, husbands and wives knew what was expected of them. Their roles clear-cut, their problems obvious. Three great issues caused the quarrels, the sulking, perhaps the breaking apart: a breakdown in communication, the loss of shared goals and interests, and sexual incompatibility. Today, that has changed. In 2004, the three commonest problems in marriage are: conflicts about money, domestic responsibilities, and children.Mainly because of post-secondary education, most young adults are in their late twenties when they marry. At this stage of their lives, they have a better idea of their goals, interests, and future. Twenty-five years ago, couples married younger and probably didn't know what they really wanted in life. Hence, as they got older, their objectives in life changed and were no longer compatible with their spouses' ambitions.Perhaps the reason for the decrease in sexual incompatibility since 1979 is simply because most couples are no longer waiting for marriage to engage in sex. A couple knows before they tie the knot whether they are sexually compatible with their partner. In fact, it is a major cause for break-up in dating couples. Today's society seems to stress compatibility in any way is crucial to a successful relationship.In 2004, women are now receiving as much education as men. More than half of university students in Canada are female. In 1998, over 100,000 females were granted university acceptances compared to just over 70,000 males. Surveys have shown that women today are more concerned with their education and career than starting a family. They want to secure a decent job before getting married.In the majority of families today, both spouses work. Most also wait until they've completed their education and found employment before "settling down". In turn, couples today have much more expendable cash. Compared to families in '79, they can afford...

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