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Marriage Is A Sacred Union Between Man And Woman

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Marriage is Sacred

Marriage has always been a sacred agreement between a man and a woman. This definition was written in the Bible and sanctified by God. Our country was founded on the principles of the Bible and therefore should not support an action, such as legalizing gay marriage, which goes against our founding beliefs.

When it comes to the issue of gay marriage, Americans have many different views. Research shows that the majority of Americans oppose gay marriage, but when it comes to deciding who should make the laws, Americans are split in half (Bayles 6). 48% of Americans said that the federal government should make the laws and 46% say it should be left to the states (6). This information shows that the majority of Americans have strong opinions about the issue, but don’t know of any way to solve the issue (6).

The controversy of gay marriage is seen even in groups who support strong marriages. Author Karen Peterson uses her article to address the issue of how gay marriage sits with the “marriage movement,” the coalition of professionals dedicated to strengthening marriages (7). This movement has successfully included pro-marriage initiatives across America and formed new high school courses on relationships (Peterson 7). Peterson finds that the “marriage movement” has many different views within itself and struggles with the question of “How can one be a proponent of marriage in general but oppose marriages between gays” (7). David Blankenhorn who is the founder of the Institute for American Values and an important member of the coalition, says that they hope to settle the issue and no longer be silent about it. The coalition hopes to participate in and improve the national debate (7).

William Bennett who edited The Book of Virtues, and co-directed “Empower America,” wrote an article for Newsweek to persuade his audience to oppose the legalization of gay marriage (27). His article was written as a response to an article written by Andrew Sullivan, who believes that gays should have the same rights as anyone else when it comes to marriage (26). Bennett argues Sullivan’s points using logical and ethical appeals. Bennett’s article states that marriage has a clear definition given by God that should not be changed for any reason (Bennett 27). Bennett also believes that allowing gays to marry will lead to other kinds of problems that the United States is not ready to deal with (27). Issues that could result are bisexuals wanting to marry two people, or men wanting to have polygamous relationships (27). Bennett sees legalizing gay marriage as just the beginning of many problems in the United States.

Other individuals agree with Bennett that if granted this right, many will abuse it and only want more freedom from our original laws. Rev. Louis Sheldon, the chairman and founder of the Traditional Values Coalition, believes that these rights will be abused by...

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