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Marriage Viewpoints Over The World Essay

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Wedding is the celebrating party where a couple decided to be united in marriage. Every country has different tradition, cultures, social classes and religion for wedding. However, the United States has a large population, and it includes many types of people who come from different countries over the world. Therefore, The U.S. has a very diverse cultural and traditional environment, especially in marriage. Based on the number of American couples married in 2010 by “Marriage Rate in America”, and it shows that the number of marriages in 2010 was less than the previous year, but why did it happen? Are people afraid of marriage? Or what does it really mean? Some people say it is just the way ...view middle of the document...

In the end, this type of marriage is still very unfair to both spouses.
In England, people have rights to get married at their will under the government's laws: no one can force a person to marry the one they don't want to. Man and women have time to find and choose the right person for their lifetime, and the arrangement of two families is not really important. After the couples have known each other and they are ready, they can get married. However, the right marriage is based on the law. A person must be at least 16 years old or older, and people are not allowed to marry more than one person at the same time. Moreover, same sex marriage is allowed in England, just like some states in the U.S. Despite of it is prohibited in many other countries. This type of marriage can increase successful marriage rate and lower the divorce rate.
In Feudal Japan, Japan has been called as a weirdest marriage culture. At that time, men were not a “breadwinner”, and women were the main role in the family. After marriage, a husband need to come to his wife’s house. Women, Life in Feudal Japan" showed that women do all the hard work in the family while men stay home doing the housework and taking care of the kids. However, that tradition of marriage in Japan had been changed. Now, Japanese men take control of the house while women play the supporting roles and lose some social statuses. For example, just 30 percent of women in Japan are working on the high roller. It is showed that Japanese men now earn more money and become the "breadwinner
In Viet Nam, marriage is very strict and unfair to the women. Marriage was considered to be a duty, and was arranged by the elders in the family. Sometimes, the husband and the wife don't even know each other. The Vietnamese standards of marriage are social rank, education, and moral history. For example, if the husband's family is rich, and they only want to marry wives from another rich family. Moreover, the wife has no power over the husband's family: they have to obey their husbands, along with the family. Women need to stay home, and take care of their children. As a matter of fact, there are not a lot of Vietnamese women going out for work while being with the husbands' families, but they have to stay at home trying to please everyone in the family, especially their mothers in law. If a woman does something wrong, it would be considered a shame for her family; hence, she will be sent back to her giving-birth parents.
Most Christians believe in marriage as a big blessing gift from God. Their points of view on marriage may be different from others’. Some of the views are approved by other people, some are not accepted: that gay marriage and having sex before marriage are against God's words and be considered sinful. In another words, the couple, in Christians' view, has to be absolutely pure before marriage: they need to keep their virginity until the vows in front of Jesus Christ. This shows that they both respect...

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