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Attitude Differences In Marriages Essay

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I was raised in a traditional home were my mother was a homemaker ensuring that all my siblings and I were cared for while my father worked. My parent’s unconditional love for each other provided us a happy home. Though they had arguments and disagreements, I never saw my father mentally or physically abuse my mother. Being the ninth of ten children, my parents promoted equality between all of us. Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu book, “Where are you Adam?” Stated that, “We love our sons and we train our daughters.” Culturally speaking, this statement was emphasized in the Hispanic culture, from my early age as a young girl. Females were responsible for the daily indoors chores such as cooking, laundry and childcare. Males were responsible for the outdoor chores such as yard work, home improvements and farming.
Men are taught to be the head of the household, the provider and sacrifice for the success of the family. As the head of the household the male figure is to make the decisions whether good or bad provided it benefits the family. Provide financially, the safety and well being of the family and the future success and support of the children. He sacrifices to provide financially for the family whether it be hard labor or multiple jobs. This is the reason for many Hispanic male figures are found to be laborers.
Women are supposed to be submissive, self-sacrificing, and responsible for running the household. Submissive in the satisfaction of both the husband and the children. Women are to be submissive in a way of satisfaction for the husband whether it is pleasure or serving his every need. Self-sacrificing results in long hours for both the husband and children. Likewise, self-sacrificing could also be pleasing her family and dedication to her parents. The woman is also responsible for the success of the family by running the household by cooking, doing laundry, sewing or cleaning. Her success is weighed upon her outdoing herself with so little. The teamwork of both parents determines the success of the family.
Dating in the Hispanic culture is often formal and is expected a man to show sincere interest in a dating relationship. The invitation to date must be approved by the man of the household and the potential suitor must show clear intentions towards the future of the relationship. Women play up their femininity in the hope of attracting a potential mate, but always in a modest way. Like in many other cultures the dating personality types are prevalent in the Hispanic culture.
A marriage is a union between two individuals involving mutual rights and duties where two people are socially approved to establish a family. Different cultures believe in different kind of religious practices for the social organization of the relationship. The “traditional marriage” is a very popular kind of marriage and is widely practiced all around the world. People consider the traditional marriage the natural way both socially and biologically. This type of marriage...

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