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Marriot Fairfax Case StudyHA 525Pages 617-657Questions: Pages 658-660Case Write upTaken directly from the text:Spears, Marian and Gregoir, Mary (2003), Foodservice Organizations: a managerial and systems approach. Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.Instructions: Using this Word document, answer 20 of the 21 questions below, writing in your answers in the space below each question. Email this word document to the instructor before the beginning of Unit 7.Based on Material from Chapter 1:Residents have asked for there to be more display cooking done in the dining room. How would each component of the foodservice systems model be impacted by such a decision?The implementation of such request would have to be aligned with the General Manager and the rest of the nine directors of the Marriott-Fairfax. This would mainly impact the operations of the food and beverage department. Additional costs would have to be considered. The staff would have to be reorganized. And the food preparation setup would definitely change. Specifically under the food and beverage department, we have the impact to the production system that handles preparation, distribution and service of food to the community. The way the food is prepared and served will have to be changed. Production in the kitchen will have to be moved to the dining room. The staff will be following a different set of rules for the pick-up and serving of food.Based on Material from Chapter 2:Residents have voiced concerns about the quality of the bakery products served in the coffee shop. Develop a fishbone diagram of possible causes. Describe how the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle might be implemented as part of a quality management program.PLAN - identify the problem and the factors causing the problem, set the objectives for the action plan and list what measures need to be taken to improve the quality of bakery products being served in the coffee shopDO - implement the measuresCHECK - monitor implementation and evaluate if objectives are being met given the measures that have been put into placeACT - assess the action plan taken and if patrons of the coffee shops are still unsatisfied with the results, make the necessary adjustments and repeat the cycleBased on Material from Chapter 3:The Fairfax Food and Beverage Manager desires to add a room service menu. What recommendations would you make for items on that menu and why?For a room service menu, it would be best if the Food and Beverage Manager include breakfast and dinner items. This is because residents are most likely to request for room service during the mornings and evenings. Why? First, residents are required to come in decent clothing when they are to eat at the main dining room and for this reason they choose to have breakfast in the casual coffee shop instead (which does not serve food all day). With the addition of the room service menu, they would have the option to have breakfast in the comfort of their rooms any time of the...

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