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Mars Essay

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Star MarsSince the boom in space technology about 30 years ago, man has found the method for expanding his existence beyond the many once thought 'unbreakable barriers.' Together with this development in space technology came a large quantity of information and discoveries of the compounds of the universe, and scientific questions seemed to jump out in equal number. The question that captures the eye of the media today causing a bitter controversy is probably the most easy to understand, considering the complex astronomy jargon. Is life possible on Mars? The fact is we still don't know. 'Some of the early arguments we now know to be almost certainly erroneous, but even the most recent pieces of evidence do not unambiguously demonstrate the existence of life on Mars.' ( Sagan and Shklovskii 273)Some scientist believe man should look up in the sky searching for new habitats for future generations, since human kind today seems to be going backwards in many aspects of the earth's ecology. The first attempt would be to study the moon; the second, our neighbor planet. Unfortunately, our actual technology slightly provides strong, useful information about the red planet because of the vast distance between us.While people such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas try to convince us with hundred million dollar movies that we are not alone, engineers and geologists like from the NASA-Stanford University team pursue, based on true evidence, the idea of possible life on Mars. However, the burden of proof is sometimes too heavy even based on real evidence. The tough debate started on August 1996, when scientists from the NASA-SU team announced that a meteorite found on the Antartica contained evidence of past life on the red planet. They supported their conclusion on the basis of organic molecules, carbonates, and minerals found inside the rock, which are basic components of living things. This announcement astonished the world, but not the critics who skeptically stated opposite explanations for each of...

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1372 words - 6 pages Did Mars ever mirror Earth? I would like to start this discussion by defining the term “mirrored,” as being a like or characteristic of a mirror image. So for proposes of this discussion I will use this definition meaning it is in a resemblance and not a direct copy of one another. Now with all the formalities out of the way let’s move on. After spending a small portion of my life reading through papers about Mars Geology I have come to the

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1375 words - 6 pages Overview of the Company (ERICK) Frank Mars founded the third largest private company in the U.S in 1882. Mars incorporated has been voted 76th in top 100 best companies to work for in 2014. With global revenue of 33 billion in 2012 the company has established itself as one of the most successful family owned businesses of history. The previous year they were ranked 95th which indicates a steady climb up the rankings. The company originally

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781 words - 4 pages America and the world itself, imagine what an entire planet of unknown riches could bring for our species. The best argument for exploring and colonizing on Mars can be summed up in one colloquial phrase, “don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” To elaborate; all of humanity is on Earth. Earth is enormous, but it is still just one place. A medium sized earthquake in Japan was enough to cause millions of dollars in damage and end thousands of

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605 words - 2 pages Mars, it is the fourth planet from the sun. It is closet planet to earth. Mars is the planet with more solar exploration than any other planet in our universe. Mars is the one planet that has an atmosphere similar to ours. Mercury, Venus, and Pluto have had all of their atmospheres burned off and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have atmospheres that are hundreds of time more violent than the calm atmospheres of Earth and Mars. Mars is

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1018 words - 5 pages This paper reviews the work being done in research and preparation toward the human race colonizing Mars. Although Mars is an inhospitable planet, and people have talked about life and living on Mars, for decades, scientists are finally taking action. Thorough research has been and is being conducted. The articles reviewed in this paper, which are, “Mars-mimicking chamber explores habitability of other planets”, “The Pleasures of Suffering

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1554 words - 6 pages Mars “We may discover resources on the moon or Mars that will boggle the imagination that will test our limits to dream. And the fascination generated by further exploration will inspire our young people to study math, and science, and engineering and create a new generation of innovators and pioneers.” (George W. Bush, a speech given at NASA, Mars is also fourth planet from the sun. (See fig. 1 on page 5.) Mars is

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2360 words - 9 pages Terraforming Mars Terraforming is “the purposeful alteration of the physical environment to increase its habitability for humans.” (David, Leonard). The planet Mars could be terraformed more easily than other planets because it is believed to be the planet most like Earth. In its early history, Mars’ environment was more like Earth’s, with a thicker atmosphere and more water that was lost over hundreds of millions of years (Terraforming of Mars

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993 words - 4 pages Technological advancements have made it conceivable for NASA to begin human missions to Mars by 2030 (“NASA’s Bolden”). The scientific community is working diligently on ways to reduce the cost of colonizing Mars, but undoubtedly it will cost billions of dollars to establish and maintain a permanent colony on the planet. Although opponents of space colonization believe it’s a waste of money to invest in Mars, Mars colonization has the potential

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2460 words - 10 pages man in His image to inhabit the Earth, not to dwell on Mars. Five planets in the night sky are visible with the naked eye—Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. Named after the Roman gods, these celestial bodies have been observed since the earliest of time. Associating the reddish color with the bloodshed of war, the Romans named the fourth planet from the sun after their god of war—Mars. The search for the life on this planet has cost

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559 words - 2 pages It has been an interesting topic to research on the reality of Mars for decades. There are various views as to whether life on Mars have had ever existed or whether people can make the planet inhabitable by the means of technology. However, people lose confidence in the capabilities and technology to achieve this because no one knows how long it will take for a manned mission approaching the Mars lane. Eventually, the advanced technology of the

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825 words - 4 pages Is there actually life on Mars? There may be, but it is none like ours. There is no life on Mars.This is due to the fact that there is no methane on mars, and that landers on mars have never detected any life on the surface. Speculation of aliens start all the way back at 1500 BC when Pharaoh Thutmose III saw “silent, foul smelling circle of fires and flying discs in the sky”(UFOs Through the Ages). There were many throughout the years. One

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1060 words - 5 pages Review of Literature I. Introduction- History of Mars In ancient Roman religion, Mars (Greek: Ares) was the god of war and was an agricultural guardian. He was the second most important only to Jupiter and Neptune. Mars was the strongest military god of them all according to the religion of the Roman army. Mars was a part of the Archaic Triad with Jupiter and Quirinus. Mars used his military powers as a way to secure peace. Mars was a father

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832 words - 3 pages Humans have been fascinated with mars for thousands of years, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to current NASA scientists. Now the American space program wants to travel to Mars which would cost up to thirty billion dollars for a human mission to Mars. On January 4th, 2004 a rover named Spirit landed on Mars, from then many critics wondered if we should spend money on Mars? Mars exploration is a good idea for America. But such critics think

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506 words - 3 pages It is the year 2006; Mission Control has sent a drone exploration team to the planet Mars. A Mars orbital satellite was launched from Moon Base Alpha. The MOS (Mars Orbital Satellite) has on board, MEL (Mars Exploration Lander). MEL is equipped with a combination landing pod and Launch platform. The Launch platform has a small orbiter rocket on board to return to the MOS and eventually to Earth. Inside the landing pod are four autonomous MER

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