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Mars Colonization Essay

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Less than three centuries ago, the entire Western half of North America had been completely unexplored. Today, more than a Hundred-Million people live in the Western states. Most of the oil in America is found on the West Coast, along with dozens of major businesses and institutions. The exploration and colonization of the “Last Frontier” has greatly benefitted humanity. If just a few thousand miles of land could have such a large impact on America and the world itself, imagine what an entire planet of unknown riches could bring for our species.
The best argument for exploring and colonizing on Mars can be summed up in one colloquial phrase, “don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” To elaborate; all of humanity is on Earth. Earth is enormous, but it is still just one place. A medium sized earthquake in Japan was enough to cause millions of dollars in damage and end thousands of lives. And when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79ad, the ash clouds blocked out the sun all around the entire planet for weeks. These were only minor events and in total only caused a few million deaths, but something bigger could happen. It has before. Millions of years ago an asteroid crashed down near Mexico and caused the systematic extinction of nearly every species on Earth. Even with modern technology, the best we could do is get a warning before our complete annihilation This is actually something that could happen, there is a large asteroid known as “2013 TV135” which will pass by our planet in 2032 and has a 1 in 48,000 chance of hitting us. Which would without a doubt, end our existence.
Circling back to the topic of eggs in baskets; if we just kept all of humanity on one planet, we’d have a terribly high chance of extinction. Just as if you were to fill a single basket with all of your eggs, you’d have a much higher chance of losing all of your eggs if you dropped it. But if you put half your eggs in a second basket and you dropped one accidentally, you’d still have half your eggs in the other basket. The same would be true if we created a settlement on Mars, we’d be spreading out our population and lowering the chance of death while simultaneously increasing the chance...

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