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Humans have been fascinated with mars for thousands of years, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to current NASA scientists. Now the American space program wants to travel to Mars which would cost up to thirty billion dollars for a human mission to Mars. On January 4th, 2004 a rover named Spirit landed on Mars, from then many critics wondered if we should spend money on Mars? Mars exploration is a good idea for America. But such critics think the American economy doesn't have the money to spend for exploration. Despite the criticism mars exploration is beneficial and a good idea for America.The list of concerns regarding mars exploration is long. Critics of mars exploration point to three main reasons why America should not fund for mars exploration right now. These include a lack of money, a perceived lack of need, and poor timing with the current state of affairs.Mars exploration is facing tremendous amounts of criticism. Critics say it would take up to 150 billion dollars for a successful mars and moon mission, Geewax Marilyn from the Atlanta Journal argues "Bush funded fifteen billion for space exploration." (Bush Budget). Many critics say the mars exploration is not necessary and they see no benefits Americans would get out of mars exploration. Critics say timing is bad, America is fighting a war all money should go to that not Mars exploration, economy is down and America doesn't have enough jobs. Critics say Bush isn't taking this Mars exploration seriously, Robert Lee from The Daily Free Press argues "Bush is playing off that fact and using Mars purely for political reasons, while not making the a proper financial commitment." (Mars mission misguided)Despite critics, scientists content that starting a Mars exploration increases understanding in American society and scientifically. Humans like to see things moving in camera real life; when it comes to science they would rather watch real life footage of humans walking on Mars than Hollywood stunts. It would inspire many American children to pursue science and technology at school. Exploration would inspire American people to want to learn more about space, earth and ourselves. Donald S. Brown from USA Today argues "The successful landing of the Spirit rover on Mars is a wonderful New Year's gift to the NASA community and American people. The pictures that we receive will serve as the source of pride and inspiration for all of those who support and cheer such scientific exploration"....

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