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Mars Geology Essay

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Did Mars ever mirror Earth? I would like to start this discussion by defining the term “mirrored,” as being a like or characteristic of a mirror image. So for proposes of this discussion I will use this definition meaning it is in a resemblance and not a direct copy of one another. Now with all the formalities out of the way let’s move on. After spending a small portion of my life reading through papers about Mars Geology I have come to the conclusion that Mars does in fact have supporting evidence that it was once a mirrored planet of Earth. Or better said, Earth is a current mirror image of Mars in the past. In the paragraphs below I will support this claim with evidence from research findings, papers, and photographs. It will also be structured as so, interior, magnetic field, atmosphere, plate tectonics, volcanoes, and water.
Mars has an interior that is very similar to the interior of Earth. Mars has a core, mantle and crust just like Earth. They are both made of mostly iron and behave rather similarly. Mars has a much smaller interior than Earth but that makes sense when you take into account that Mars is almost half the size of Earth. Earth’s core has two parts: a solid inner core and a liquid outer core. Radioactive decay in the core generates the heat. This heat is lost from the core to the layers above. Convective currents in the liquid outer core along with the rotation of the Earth produce the Earth's magnetic field. This is where Earth and Mars start to differentiate from one another. The outer part of Mars core may be molten, but it's unlikely, because Mars has only a weak magnetic field (less than 0.01 percent of Earth's magnetic field). Although Mars doesn't have a strong magnetic field now, it might have had a powerful one long ago. In the forming history of Mars its interior would have been hotter, rotating and thus providing Mars with a much more powerful shield. This would be a mirror like image of Earth’s magnetic field today.
As slightly discussed above Mars and Earth both have magnetic fields. The magnetic fields are caused by hot metals circulating in the core of the planet. This circulation creates electrical currents, which in turn create a magnetic field. Earth's magnetic field surrounds Earth and is considered global (right main image). The various Martian magnetic fields do not encompass the entire planet and are localized (left top image). The global Martian magnetic field is extinct, and its local magnetic fields are just fossils of its past. Therefore in the past Mars would have looked like Earth today in regards of having an encompassing magnetic field. For this reason Earth mirrors Mars past.
Today Mars atmosphere is approximately 95% Carbon dioxide, 2.1% Argon, 1.9% Nitrogen, and 0.145% Oxygen. As a comparison Earth’s atmosphere today is approximately 78.09% Nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon, and 0.039% Carbon dioxide. So both planets are made up of the same gases but with different concentrations. In...

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