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Mars Incorporated is one of the largest private businesses in the world; it has many primary branches which include Chocolate, Petcare and other forms of food. Mars Petcare itself makes up about 40% of the net sales of 33 billion dollars per anum. Mars itself revolves around its “five principles” which are as follows: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom.
The extraordinary success of Mars Incorporated is because of the businesses strong understanding of the influences on the operations process and their importance.
History and Principles

Mars Incorporated has a highly dynamic and successful history; the journey started in 1911 where Frank C. Mars began to sell “butter cream candy” out of his kitchen, since then he has started a company, grown it substantially, and passed it on to his children, even to today Mars remains a family owned company and is fully private. Today the company has a total of approximately 72000 staff known as associates and owns many popular names in food such as M&M’s, Wrigley gum, MasterFoods and of course the Mars Bar, alongside this they also produce a wide variety of pet foods including “Pedigree” and “Whiscas”. As previously mentioned the company revolves around the five principles of:
1. Quality: Mars puts an extreme amount of effort towards Operations to maintain consistency in high quality across all of its brands, this is reflected in the extensive presence of quality control in its production process and while this decreases overall production speed it maintains quality which gives the company a great reputation.
2. Responsibility: Mars believes strongly in its responsibility towards both customers and suppliers which is reflected by strong tying to corporate social responsibility. Mars has a goal in its research & development sector (R&D) to produce a cocoa plant which can withstand harsher weather conditions and giving this to its suppliers in northern Africa around the equator. This will assist suppliers to maintain a much more consistent output which is less vulnerable to the weather challenges it faces now with the current cocoa plants being highly vulnerable to inconsistent weather.
3. Mutuality: Mutuality to mars means being true to customers and suppliers, not simply a seller/buyer relationship, they believe in maintaining good relationships with both groups and maintaining a level of general ethics which benefit their selves as well as suppliers and customers
4. Efficiency: Efficiency is a much more internally based goal that Mars strives for, this includes what most businesses do which is to have minimal input for maximum output with the fastest speed possible, however, Mars does sacrifice some efficiency to maintain other the principles at a high standard.
5. Freedom: Mars has, and intends to remain a private, family owned company to maximise the other principles, Leaders and associates at Mars believe that freedom is the best way to maintain the highest standards...


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