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Mars One: A One Way Trip

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The idea of space colonization has been found in books and movies for many years, but these fantasies will soon become a reality. One day, Earth will become uninhabitable due to a collision with a large comet or asteroid or from the inevitable explosion of the sun. In the case of such an event, human displacements will need to take place and the most probable destination will be somewhere in space. Mars One is a Dutch nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders, and this organization has initiated a project with the idea of future human displacement in mind. The nonprofit intends to initiate space colonization by establishing the first permanent human settlement ...view middle of the document...

The purpose of this mission is to test technologies crucial to the human mission and to identify mechanical flaws.
More technology is expected to be launched in preparation for the human landing in 2025. A Rover and Trailer will be sent to Mars in 2020 with the hope of pinpointing a location for colonization ideally between the North and equator for maximization of water and solar power. A second satellite will also be launched to orbit around the sun to secure stable communication between Earth and Mars, even when the sun is in between both planets. A cargo mission containing two living units, life support systems (providing water, electricity, and breathable air), and supply units will depart in 2022. When the cargo mission arrives in 2023, Rover will arrange the units and systems so that a breathable atmosphere is created and the outposts are protected from radiation by covering them with a thick layer of Martian soil.
The first crew will leave Earth in 2024 to embark on a one way trip and set the precedent for future crews. The journey to Mars will indeed be difficult for all crews as the astronauts will travel in a small space, with no showering, and freeze dried and canned food only. When crews arrive on the red planet, they will have a few days to recover from the arduous trip and adjust to the gravitational changes. The first crew will be the most active right after landing, as they will finish up outpost construction and set up the food production units. The second crew will depart in 2026 and arrive on Mars sometime in 2027 and will follow the example of the previous crew.
Living on Mars
Living on Mars will undoubtedly be a challenge, yet life won’t be all that different from that on Earth. The astronauts will live in multiple inflatable living units of approximately 1000 cubic meters: a large enough space comprising of bedrooms, working areas, a living room, and a room for the growth of plants. Inside the inflatable units, astronauts will be able to wear regular clothes, shower, prepare food, and live a fairly normal lifestyle. Nonetheless, they will need to wear special Mars suits when they leave these units. These suits are very similar to those worn by the men who walked on the moon and will allow the astronauts to work safely under harsh atmospheric conditions.
Construction, maintenance, and research are the main objectives of the project. With the help of the rovers, the first group will construct a new living unit and connect it to the main base, all in preparation for the arrival of the second crew. At first, research will focus on the effects the lack of gravity has on the human body and how well food crops and other greeneries grow in hydroponic (soilless) units, something that will be essential to the survival of the settlers. Resolving the question of whether or not there was once life on Mars in addition to exploring the current and past geology of the planet is also a priority in the mission.
Despite the emphasis put...

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