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Marsden Community Stores Case Study

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Question 1Evaluate the validity of the pilot research undertaken by Marsden.For example was the supply chain orientation of the research sufficiently rigorous? What other sources of information could have been explored in the timescale required?Evaluation of pilot research undertaken1.Supply chain orientation of research not rigorous enoughSuggested improvements to Pilot research1.Mary already new she would get very little response to her questionnaire to the 5 large players in the supermarket industry, but still went ahead with the idea, which in return resulted in a small amount of data received and a lot of wasted effort and time. Possible improvements could involve adding more initiative for supermarkets to respond by sharing the results with competitors.2.Mary's questionnaire to the public could also have been improved by asking a larger amount of customers and questions. Questions such as customers perceptions of value. Another point that should be made here is that Mary is the head of the marketing department and should be doing more feasible work than doing "donkey work".3.A larger internal study should have been pursed.Other sources of information which could have been used1.How many variety of skills do workers have2.How quickly can employees react to problems3.How committed are employees to quality improvement4.What is the total running cost of lean production compared to historical data5.How much value has been added to the customer6.Compare historical profit margins to present profit margins7.Compare supply costs past and present8.Compare product obsolete ratesQuestion 2What factors influence your own selection of a grocery retailer? Rank these as either "order winning" or "order qualifying" factors. Do you believe that your own preferences can be generalised to a wider population or do you believe that Mary Johnson's research reveals your own preferences?Order qualifiers are those criteria that a firm must meet to have a customer consider it to be a possible supplier, while order winners are the criteria that win orders. Order winners and qualifiers change over time, they work in combinations, and work in different ways in different markets for different customers. Should be derived from actual customer orders.My order winning preferences1. Location (Convenience): - Been a student with no car and being generally lazy location is a major factor on deciding where to do my supermarket shopping. Living in Rathmines I live an equal distance from both Tesco and Dunnes Stores.2. Promotional Incentives: - This is the main reason I find myself going to both Tesco and Dunnes. If there is a two for one offer in Dunnes and not in Tesco I will shop in Dunnes.3. Price: - Been a student also strongly influences my choice of supermarket. I have a budget of thirty euro a week for shopping and find myself being extremely price sensitive. The majority of my shopping consists of own label branding has they are generally the cheapest, with very limited...

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