Marshall Bruce Mathers Iii Life And Accomplishments

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known as rap performer Eminem, was born on October 17, 1972, in Kansas City, Missouri (Lane). From the very first days of his life, Marshall suffered many hardships. When Eminem was only six months old, Marshall Mathers Jr., Eminem’s dad left his family to move to California and contact between them ended. Eminem and his mom Debbie Nelson moved frequently and often lived in poor, crime- ridden neighborhoods (Lane). Eminem was born in Kansas City moved to live in detroit where he experienced a lot of violence and bullying. When he was in the fourth grade, he was often tormented by a sixth-grade bully named D’Angelo Bailey. Bailey made his life miserable through constant bullying and beatings. Bailey’s most severe beating, which landed Eminem in the hospital with a cerebral hemorrhage, was immortalized on the track “Brain Damage” from The Slim Shady LP (Lane). When Eminem was nine his Uncle Ronnie gave him a gift that would change his life. The gift was a soundtrack to a breakdancing-exploitation movie called Breaking’ It (Lane). It contained the track “Reckless by Ice T, the first rap song Eminem ever heard (Lane). From there, Eminem started liking rap and became more and more fascinated over the years. Although as Eminem was trying to get into rapping, he faced a lot of discrimination against him for being white but his talent and support from his friends helped him go through it. At the age of seventeen, Eminem dropped out of school with his interest of school completely overshadowed by his love of rap and he moved in with his girlfriend, Kimberly Scott. When Eminem was twenty he received a devastating news his Uncle Ronnie had committed suicide while suffering from depression. Eminem was devastated this caused Eminem to quit rapping for a year. Over the next years Eminem worked at such menial jobs as sweeping floors and cleaning toilets while he struggled to improve his rap skills and get his big break (Lane). In 1995 Eminem received and extremely potent source of inspiration, the birth of his daughter with Kim, Hailie Jade. From that point on Eminem was driven by the desire to give Hailie the childhood that he never had. Eminem then released his first new album Infinite although it was unsuccessful and if not only that was bad he had been fired from his job and was having problems taking care of his own family. Eminem went into a big depression and nearly killed himself. But as Eminem almost gave up hope Infinite was actually making some progress. This allowed Eminem to get an invitation to the 1997 Rap Olympics which he came second but gave him exposure and let him be seen by Dr. Dre, which would discover him and launch him as the big successful rapper he is today.
Eminem was a bit of a novelty when he burst on the music scene in 1999, with his major-label debut album, “The Slim Shady LP”(France). Since then until today, Eminem’s popularity has blown up and has caused a lot of controversy for the...

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