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Marshall Supplemental Essay

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In ten years I see myself as a budding family physician, and if accepted to Marshall, I have

every intention of staying to serve the state of West Virginia. By this time I hope to be in the process

of accomplishing one of my most important goals as a physician, which is to lead a team into a

medically underserved area and redevelop it. I’d like to accomplish this using innovative methods that

combine ideas from both the public health and medical disciplines, and the team would include equal

contribution from providers and public health professionals. I think this unique collaboration is a great

way to uplift a medically underserved area for two main reasons.

The first is that public health is rooted in evaluating community health, and physicians

who collaborate with and appreciate the work of public health professionals naturally form a new

perspective to managing disease. Instead of physicians treating on an individual basis-which has been

the traditional way to practice medicine-the focus becomes treating the community as a whole, leading

to physicians equipped to manage disease region by region instead of patient by patient. Hence, public

health professionals and physicians can work together to identify community disease burden, evaluate

potential causes-whether environmental, social, or cultural-and decide on the best action to take. This

can include devising practical strategies to bring more oncologists and cancer screening equipment to

a place with high incidence of cancer or it can involve brainstorming ways to get educational resources

on healthy diet and exercise to a community with increasing obesity. To me, this can only lead to a more

efficient way to manage resources and deliver healthcare in the long run, and in medically...

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