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When T.H. Marshall discusses citizenship, he breaks it down into three parts: civil, political, and social. He defines the civil part as “the rights necessary for individual freedom…” (148) and states that “the institutions most directly associated with civil rights are the courts of justice” (148). The political part of citizenship is “the right to participate in the exercise of political power…” (149) and he identifies the important institutions as parliament and bodies of local government. The social aspect of citizenship was the most broad including “the whole range from the right to a modicum of economic welfare and security to the right to share to the full in the social heritage and to live the life of a civilized being according to the standards prevailing in the society” (149). Social citizenship is connected to the educational system and social services.
When Marshall continues to discuss the history of citizenship and the social class system, he describes citizenship as “a principle of equality” (150) even though the capitalist society where he analyzes citizenship is built on inequality. The only way that citizenship can still be described as present and effective amidst capitalism is through Marshall’s breakdown of the three aspects of citizenship. Although capitalism fosters social inequalities, it promotes civil rights so that all citizens can effectively participate in the market economy. In this situation, however, Marshall describes the civil progress under capitalism as working against social rights because it was assumed that civil equality gave each citizen the means to provide their own social protection. This civil equality may seem like progress for citizenship but “the right to freedom of speech has little real substance if, from lack of education, you have nothing to say that is worth saying, and no means of making yourself heard if you say it” (151). Capitalist society may promote civil equality by giving more rights than were offered under feudalism, but without progress toward social equality as well those civil rights are meaningless.
Lack of social equality can also work against the “direct sense of community membership based on loyalty to a civilization which is a common possession” (151) that Marshall describes as necessary for citizenship. For citizens to want to be loyal to their political community, they need to feel that their community is giving something to them. Although people are given civil rights, many cannot fully exercise those rights so they do not feel the benefits from the community. Political...

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