Martial Law Debate Paper

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Name: Randelle Adano
Frances Ong
Katherine Ong


Section: Grade 8- Commitment

Date Submitted:

This house will reinstate martial law to promote order and discipline in the Philippines.

I. Argument (CLAIM)

Martial Law will not promulgate peace and order in the Philippines.

II. Evidence (EXAMPLE)

The World Bank's estimated that a fraction of people living in poverty has increased 24% in 1974 to 40% in 1986 and this resulted to conflict. Conflict led to rallies (People Power Revloution) like stated in the warrant. Second, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). President Marcos and the MNLF leader, Nur Misuari, were suppose to sign the Tripoli Agreement in 1976. They argreed on the ceasefire agreement but it was brief since someone went against it. Third, Human Rights Violation. One example is Salvaging. Another is the desaparecido, civilians who were captured and was never seen again.

III. Analysis (WARRANT)

President Marcos suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus. With the suspension of this, Filipinos would think of revolting because justifying ourselves in court is part of our human rights. Second, Marcos shut down the media. Only certain broadcast companies were allowed to operate but with government control. Third, Marcos banned rallies. During rallies, we voice out our opinions and concerns because usually, the government never opens their ears for the public. Another, Marcos ordered the closure of schools for one week. As they say, the children are the hope of the land. In order for them to have a good foundation, they should have a strong education. Another, Filipinos were not allowed to travel abroad but except those with government permission. Part of our human rights is freedom of choice. We always have a choice whether what we want to do in our lives. With Marcos imposing these laws, he certainly did violate a huge number of human rights.

IV. Sources (APA Format)

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Celestina P. Boncan, Ph.D., Mary...

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