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Martial Satisfaction Essay

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`Marital Satisfaction Across the Transition to Parenthood'

`Marital Satisfaction Across the Transition to Parenthood'., Lawrence, Erika; Rothman, Alexia D. Cobb, Rebecca J. Rothman, Michael T. Bradbury, Thomas N., Journal of Family Psychology, February 2008 Vol. 22, No. 1, 41-50 ., fam22141., 2008 American Psychological Association.

The Literature Review that I had chosen to read was concerning marriage and the beginning family. The review was based on findings from researching married couples and the way family dynamics and marital satisfaction changed when children were entered into the marriage. The study followed newlyweds planning a child in five years, couples entering into a re-marriage and having children, and couples already with children broadening their family and describing how the dynamics changed when children were already present within the family unit.

What were three major findings of their study? (Probably found in ...view middle of the document...

Couples were expected to have less satisfaction in their marriage due to the strong demands of a child and due to the stress level between partners when each is no longer the first priority in their partners' thoughts. The study found that after becoming a parent, marital satisfaction drops significantly compared to the period when the couple remained childless. The study found that husbands are more likely than wives to become dissatisfied in their marriages once the marriage becomes a family.

3) The third finding was based on family planning within a marriage. The test was placed on married couples planning a pregnancy and measuring their happiness and satisfaction to predict their satisfaction when their future children were born. The expectation was that married partners planning a child would have higher levels of satisfaction and a more stable marriage compared to those couples who had unplanned pregnancies. The study found that while a husband's pregnancy planning predicted him to have a higher happiness level within the family, the wives pregnancy planning was significantly associated with higher family satisfaction. A married couple with a happy marriage planning a pregnancy had much higher satisfaction rates within their marriage after the child had been born.

4) If I were to be stranded on an island and was asked to offer recommendations to a new community regarding marriage and family, I would have to advise all individuals to plan their pregnancies. I would also advise people of the new community to enter into a marriage before having children and broadening a family. A family is shown to have higher happiness and success rates within a community when the parents are not only married, but are also happy. The key to a happy marriage (outside of love and respect) is the timing of the children. When a child is born into a happy and stable marriage, the family has a higher rate of survival. When a child is born into a marriage that is un-satisfying to both partners, the family unit has a higher chance of dissolution and the child will have higher chance of rebellion and confusion. The best way to survive and flourish in a new community will be to have strong family units headed by happy, satisfied, married couples committed to keeping the family unit healthy.

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