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Martin Luther started in studying Philosophy and law. With him learning philosophy, this would cause him to think deeply about anything around him. In addition, with him studying law this will give the education and backbone to go against certain standards in the most courteous of ways without being repugnant. In the summer of 1505, while he was returning home from school he had been engulfed in a storm. “As a bolt of lightning struck far from where he stood in terror, the young student cried out to the patron saint of travelers, ‘Help me, Saint Anne, I will be a monk (Merriman 100).’” It was this revelation that caused him to seek some other purpose in his life. Though everything that he will learn in becoming a monk and later a priest. He gets weary of his self-worthiness and the actions of the Roman Church. With his scholarly background, Martin Luther vents on his thoughts. Martin Luther had no intentions on leaving the Catholic Church. Luther wanted the Augustinians to see the truths he quoted from the Bible and to make some changes to better the church.
Luther had doubts of his own “personal unworthiness (Merriman100)”. He thought a lot about sin. He did not know if he was a sinner his self at times. He did everything right that he was suppose to, but he still would feel like he may have sinned unknowingly. Moreover, even the repentance of his sins would be denounced. “…Yet my conscientious kept telling me: ‘You fell short there.’ ‘You were not sorry enough.’ ‘You left that sin off your list (Merriman 101).” With Luther having studied philosophy and constantly studying and teaching the bible he was in a whirlwind. Luther could not seem to come up with no answers, but one conclusion. He came up with that; faith not good works was the key to salvation.
By good works, Luther was referring to the church’s sale of indulgences. People would by indulgences from the church to excuse them from their sins and facilitate their entry into heaven (493). Luther did not want to partake in this he sought that only God can excuse people of their sins and it be his only judgment for their entrance in to heaven. If he would believe the practices of the Church to be true, he would not have doubted himself. Luther considered the sale of indulgences to be “greed,[sic] hipocracy and a moral rot” to the Roman Catholic Church (493). This is why he wrote the 95 theses. This was 95 disputes to the sale of...

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793 words - 4 pages , Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans. Detroit: Gale, 2003. Academic OneFile. Web. 16 May 2014. “King, Martin Luther, Jr. (1929-1968).” Encyclopedia of World Biography. Detroit: Gale, 1998. Academic OneFile. Web. 16 May 2014. “Martin Luther King, Jr..” Britannica School. Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., 2014. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. “Martin Luther King, Jr.” Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6Th Edition (2013): 1. Middle Search Plus. Web. 1 May 2014.

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