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Martin Luther King : An African American Hero

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Martin Luther King Jr., was a man with a dream, who made a big difference in African American lives in the past and today. King worked with movements that led to the freedom of black citizens from segregation. King dreamed as a young boy that the world would be equal, and blacks would have equal opportunity. King grew up in the late 20s and 30s when African Americans were still segregated. At the age of 24 years old King became a minister, a great leader, and a believer. He believed in achieving his childhood dream of making a difference and ending segregation once and for all. King worked very hard, and with his success he began with the Montgomery bus boycott weeks after his ? I have a dream ? speech King was assassinated.December 1, 1955, was when the Montgomery bus boycott began; when Rosa Park refused to give up her seat to a white man on the bus. Parks was arrested and put in jail for disobeying the city segregation laws. King was invited to lead the Montgomery Improvement Association that was formed by blacks to boycott the buses. King accepted and every black person joined in together as one and stopped riding the busses. They decided to do this with nonviolence, because violence did not solve anything. So the blacks car pooled, walked, rode bikes, and used the Negro taxies as means of transportation. The boycott made a huge impact, because many African American rode the busses to get around. Without blacks the bus system profit declined dramatically. During his participation with the bus boycott, King was arrested for boycotting. As time progressed with the movement things began to get crucial, because people were being beaten and King?s house was bombed. However, all blacks kept their nonviolent approach through it all. King stated,? I want you to go home and put down your weapons. We cannot solve this problem through retaliatory violence. We must meet violence with nonviolence?We must meet hate with love?(16). King did not wanted African American citizens to put violence in the whites action, because it would not solve a thing. The Montgomery bus boycott was successful , and the city ended this movement .And the African American could sit anywhere they pleased on the bus. King?s ideal of a nonviolent approach made a big difference in the end.After much pain with the bus boycott time moved on ,and King along with other African American citizens still wanted jobs and the chance of freedom. So in August 1963, King, along with the NAACP, joined together and founded the historical march on Washington. This was the first demonstrational march, in Albany, Ga, where King lead the march. All the civil rights leader and 200,000 blacks and whites marched together to the...

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1132 words - 5 pages Martin Luther King Jrs. career were the two bus events including Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks in the same area. The two women refused to give up their seats for white citizens who declared them. These events led to the historical strike that we know as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which lasted 381 days. For 381 days African Americans refused to ride the bus, finding alternative ways to get to work like walking, cabs, and carpools. This is an

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1211 words - 5 pages magazine article as a sort of tribute to 50 years since Martin Luther Kings deliverance of his speech “I have a dream”. I was unable to pick a specific magazine company for my article but I believe it would best suit young adults looking for a bit of history and literature, maybe the Cobblestone an educational magazine designed for High schools. I will be calling the article “50 going strong”. In the article I will talk about Martin Luther King, his

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1810 words - 8 pages years later. During the work on this doctorate, Martin Luther King Jr. met Coretta Scott, an aspiring singer and musician, a the New England Conservatory School in Boston. The couple wed in June of 1953 and settled in Montgomery, Alabama, where King became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. The couple had four children, Yolanda, Wroblewski 2 Martin Luther King III, Dexter Scott, and Bernice (Becoming King). “The King family had

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1279 words - 6 pages Martin Luther King Jr. “God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old negro spiritual,’Free at last, free at last, Great God a-mighty , we are free at last’”-Martin Luther King Jr. , this quote means that one day Dr.King wants people to be equal. Martin Luther King Jr. is a hero because he lead the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr

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1659 words - 7 pages allow southern blacks to vote (#1). After this bill was passed, Martin Luther King Jr. searched to find a way to help African Americans with economic troubles. In 1966, he helped generate an important campaign in Chicago, which was something new for him because he had never led a movement not located in the south. The movement was an attempt to help blacks that were unemployed, had bad housing, or were attending poor schools (World Book 322

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1076 words - 4 pages to sway the Alabama clergymen than to change the mind of a stubborn group of white males, because it proved that the typical southern white male is equal in every way shape and form to that of an African American. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "I have a dream" and dream he did.

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1631 words - 7 pages I had a dream were the famous words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At the time of segregation in the 1950's this powerful speech led not only Negros to a world of equality but America to abide by the constitution they created. Dr. King was an inspiring man with a brilliant mind. He led a battle against one of the hardest issues America had to face, segregation; when one is unequally treated based on the color of their skin, shunned or out

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1169 words - 5 pages Martin Luther King endured endless days and nights of undeserved pain and hardships. He was always fighting for African American rights. Threats after threat he never gave up on his dream. Were you aware that he almost didn’t give his “I have a dream” speech? He asked one of his aids for advice about the speech and they replied not to use the phrase “I have a dream” he said it was too cliché. Or did you know he has had his house was bombed by

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1987 words - 8 pages . King ordered a meeting at the church where he was pastor (Fleming 1-124) . There, he and other African- American community leaders felt a protest of some kind was needed, and the meeting was an overwhelming success. The blacks felt that they shouldn’t ride the busses if they weren’t able to sit where they wanted to. They started to walking everywhere, to work, school, and even homes. 60-70 percent of people that rode the busses were African

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1152 words - 5 pages and she always told her grandchildren that a simple kind word can go a long way.      In 1944, Martin Luther King Junior enrolled into college at Morehouse University, only being fifteen years old at the time. While at his time at the university, he thought about being a lawyer or a doctor. He then got involved and worked with racial injustices and loved learning of the “theory of refusing to cooperate with an injustice

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976 words - 4 pages even after his death, by guiding African Americans in a non-violent and positive direction for the fight to secure rights and equality. These reasons make Martin Luther King worthy enough of the title "hero." Martin Luther King Jr was born on January 15th, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael Luther King was King's original named before he had it changed. King was a well-educated man who went to high school in Georgia and attended Morehouse College