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Martin Luther King And Leadership Trinity Western / Leadership Essay

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Leadership is a constantly evolving concept thru time. Great leaders such as Martin Luther King and Ghandi have emerged as defenders of social value of their time. Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, demonstrated remarkable leadership thru the peaceful end of Apartheid and brought prosperity and stability to the country. Neither of these achievements can take place without his unique leadership. This paper will examine his very leadership from the following perspectives: Leadership for individual (Character), Leadership for group (Empathy), leadership for whole country (Commitment).
Firstly, Mastery of oneself and develop a leader character is possibly the most crucial part of leadership. While in prison, he took his time thought thru the future of himself and the nation and developed his vision. He also trained himself to master his feelings and voluntarily reaching out to his rivalries neglecting the possible enormous threat that his enemies might pose to him. This is especially inspiring as we are living an age of divergent opinions. A good leader will have to learn to train him/herself in a fashion similar to Mandela. One has to acquire a neutral and peaceful character before reaching out to negotiate and make certain compromise to reach a bigger goal, for possibly least bias and conflicts.
Second, after achieving leadership goal within himself, the long journey of persuasion started. Mandela learned thru the process the significance of empathy,...

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