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Martin Luther Speech

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Throughout history, God has chosen unlikely and unsuspecting people to do his work. Martin Luther is one such hero: God has used him to restore Biblical Christianity to Europe at a time when the Church is in a very bad condition. His teachings have changed the world, but that has not been his original intention! Through simply reading the Bible and applying what it says, Luther has turned the world upside down.At the age of 22, Luther was a frightened young man. He had one fear, and it dominated his entire life. Luther feared God. This was not simply a reverent fear of a Holy God; it was a desperate, miserable, unrelenting terror: he was petrified of God. Luther lived at a time when the ...view middle of the document...

Thereupon I felt myself to be reborn and to have gone through open doors into paradise."He has realized the great truth of Christianity. The Church has taught that man has to earn his salvation; the Bible teaches that only Jesus could earn it, only Jesus did earn it, and by faith anyone can receive this free gift!Luther's ideas have spread like wildfire, which had never been his intention! Although he has encountered fierce opposition (attempts were made on his life), he has not lost faith in what God has revealed to him. As he looked at Scripture, he realized that a great deal of the Church's teachings did not have biblical foundations. The Church teaches that priests should act as middle-men between man and God, Luther realized that only there was only one interceding for man: Jesus Himself! At this time, the Bible is only available in Latin, a language that the vast majority of people do not speak; Luther believes that every person ought to be able to read God's Word in their own language, and so he translated it into GermanMartin Luther is such an important person in church history because he has brought Christianity back to being based on what the Bible says, therefore restoring the concept of salvation by grace alone, through faith....

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