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Martina Hingis Essay

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Martina Hingis was born in Kosice, Slovakia on September 30th, 1980. Surprisingly enough, her birthday is coming up in a few days. Basically I'm about 9 months older than her, which shows how much more she has accomplished than me. Personally I believe she is one of the most talented tennis players in the world.Starting from her name, Martina, given to her by her mother, Melanie Molitor, who is also her coach, in honor of the world-famous Martina Navratilova, Miss Hingis is all about tennis. She started playing at the age of 3, at that age she also started skiing. By the time she was 5, her mother, who has been her coach since then and is a former tennis champion herself, started entering Martina in tournaments.At age 12, she won her first Junior Grand Slam at the French Open in 1993. She reached Pro status less than a month after her 14th birthday in October 1994. Not too long after that she became part of the WTA, Women's Tennis Association, ranking number 399 at her entrance. Just over a year after that she was in the top 20. Today Martina is ranked number 1 on the WTA singles rankings.But of course, she has her own personal life, which consists of playing other sports, having fun, being with friends and also guys. She enjoys shopping, flirting, rollerblading, swimming, skiing, and one of her favorites, horseback riding. Martina herself owns 3 horses named Montana, Sorrenta, and Velvet. She also has a dog named Zorro. Other players...

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