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Martinus.Sk – Story Of An Online Shop In Slovakia (Theory Of Motivation And Organization In Practice)

2243 words - 9 pages - story of an online shop in Slovakia(Theory of motivation and organization in practice)Table of Contents2I. Introduction 2II. - Thousands of stories, one online bookshop 4III. Related management theories 4III.1. Organizational structure 4III.1.1. Contingency theory 6III.2. Motivational theories 6III.2.1. Expectancy theory 7IV. Analyze of the case 8V. Conclusion and Suggestions 10References and Bibliography IntroductionIn Slovakia, online shopping is still at its beginning, but with more and more households being able to connect to the Internet and with increasing trust in payments via Internet, online shopping is becoming more and more popular between Slovaks. According to the survey, 48% of Slovak Internet users shop online.And the most popular products bought online are books. In our case, we are discussing the success of Slovak online bookshop which CEO, Michal Meško, was in 2011 nominated for the Manager of the Year Award. In our study of case, we are focusing on organizational structure and motivational - Thousands of stories, one online bookshopSlovak online bookshop, inspired by popular - is one of examples how love for books and programming can make a dream of one young man to come true. In the beginning, Martinus was an ordinary bookshop located in Martin, Slovakia. Later on, in 2001, after Michal Meško, 16 years old, programmer joined the company, Martinus became - an online bookshop. 11 years later, it is the most popular and the best online bookshop in Slovakia with 60 full-time employees and 40 part-time employees. received Certificate of Merit for the Personal Commitment of Employees and for the Strength to go their own Way Via Bona Slovakia Awards 2010 and it is first Slovak online shop which was not only once but twice awarded by Slovak Gold Quality Certificate. What is the secret of its success?According to one of its managers, it is its ability "to create and develop fair, valuable relationships - with employees as well as with customers." And when employees are satisfied, customers are satisfied as well.Most of the employees at are young people because M. Meško also got his chance at very young age and he supports young generation. "Even thought young people are more likely to make more mistakes, but they can be trained. Older employee is more experienced, but he/she already has his/her stereotypes which are hard to change. Sometimes there is a clash between more experienced and more conservative employees and younger and stubborn ones but these clashes help us to develop more stable company. " Good and open relationship between employees and management is one of the crucial reasons why is so successful. Employees are informed about the new improvements and new tasks on regular meetings or through internal company network. Moreover, managers and their employees call each...

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